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This week on The Free Cheese, Virtual Marc!

Marc steps into virtual reality with his new Valve Index, while Matt wraps through the underbelly of Dark Souls in search of the Platinum Trophy.

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This year, we’re changing a bit of how our awards are chosen and announced. We’re limiting the entire process to a single, shorter episode. We’ve worked behind the scenes using a spreadsheet and some math, with a bit of wiggling one way or another to determine the winners of each category.

As we read through each category, we’ll name the winner and two runners up. Then, we’ll share some of our experiences with each game and why it deserved the award.

We’re going to spend a few minutes throughout the episode to celebrate some of the games that stuck with us the most in 2020. These might not have been released in 2020, but they meant something to us when we played them. In between rounds of award winners, we’ll each share a game that meant something to us and why.

When we reach Game of the Year, we will read our current list of nominees and deliberate the winner as we would in previous years, eventually crowning a winner.

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This week on The Free Cheese, another anniversary?

We hear predictions from our friend Ako and celebrate NieR Automata's final secret. We learn about how Miis integrate into Breath of the Wild and figure out how to sleep inside of Gengar.

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This week on The Free Cheese, twenty twenty-one.

We look forward to what we expect in 2021 with our latest run of predictions after reflecting on what we expected from 2020.

We also take some time to share positive outlooks on Sonic Forces and hear all about brand new Game Gear games from M2. Finally, we get the final word on Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

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