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This week on The Free Cheese, obey and consume. There's a lot of news out of the Game Developer's Conference this year to unpack. We talk about the latest Nindies showcase and all about Google's Stadia platform. We also hear about changes coming to Steam and the details of the Apex Legend's Battle Pass. Then, we talk about how we would fix GameStop.

Matt finally played something other than Auto Chess and it's got ninjas in it. Marc stayed up until the sun came back around getting lost in the references in Guacamelee. Joe stuck with it and came out really loving Hollow Knight.

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This week on The Free Cheese, breathe in that whipped cream. Our journey through the Master Chief Collection continues, this time together. Marc finally received his Flip Grip and found himself falling in love with falling in Downwell. Matt_auto_chess.exe. Joe tried out the Mortal Kombat 11 beta and then started playing the greatest game ever made.

We talk about Halo coming to PC along with all of the announcements from Inside Xbox this week. Then, we learn what happened to the team working on Artifact and talk about where Auto Chess is going next. We also hear from SXSW and the latest in Sonic the Hedgehog video games.

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This week on The Free Cheese, is everyone okay? We talk about Nintendo Labo VR and EA's new plans for E3 2019. We also talk about The Master Chief Collection as we each make our way through some Halo campaigns and await whatever surprise is coming with Inside Xbox this week.

Marc makes his GameCube high definition and finishes a game Classic style. Matt forgot what Super Metroid was but slowly became a master at Auto Chess. Joe made friends with a giant robot and jumped around some more.

Oh, and we talk about that Sonic movie because Matt really likes Sonic.

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This week on The Free Cheese, Alien Ant Farm has more than two songs. There's a new Pokémon game to talk about and three new starters to choose from. We also talk about this year's EVO lineup and Konami arcade games.

Matt bought an Xbox and instead of playing it, played more Auto Chess. Marc returns to 2010 to get to Hell one layer at a time. Joe jumps to the top of buildings and then builds a bunch of them.

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