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This week on The Free Cheese, are you kidding me? We played some weird games this week amidst news of changes at Nintendo of America and rumors of Game Pass coming to everything.


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This week on The Free Cheese, Joe was right. Told you, Matt.

We've been playing two of the hottest new takes on that battle royale genre. We also check out Daemon X Machina and Yoshi's Crafted World in the wake of the recent Nintendo Direct.

We talk about some changes to PlayStation's executive team and how that might impact cross-play and backwards compatibility for the platform.

Our topic of the week has us trying to be the very best, like no one ever was.

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This week on The Free Cheese, surprise video games! Marc returns from the thretch with a return to tank controls beneath the streets. Matt gets on the grid when three lanes become one board. Joe finally sees the light but it might not be enough.

We talk a lot about Apex Legends and what it means for the future of Titanfall. Additionally, you can catalogue your Pokémon cards on your phone and play as Kabal in Mortal Kombat 11. All of this and more on this week's show.

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This week on The Free Cheese, we teach you how to really search the internet. Someone left Joe and Matt together so there’s a lot of Destiny talk in this week’s podcast. We also hear about Matt’s latest attempts to make progress in Resident Evil 2 and Joe finds the best use for his Flip Grip. Further, Joe nears the end of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and is finding a sense of coalescence to the enemies and the world that he didn’t notice before.

We talk Nintendo news in the aftermath of the latest investor’s meeting and learn about a new mobile game coming this summer. We hear about earning Xbox achievements on Switch and what a PS5 with backwards-compatibility might be like.

Finally, we talk about Switch rumors and Batman rumors to close things out before Matt opens the floor to some rapid-fire questions.

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