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This week on The Free Cheese, get in your lane. We finally see where the year's worth of terrible forced jokes have come to a head and celebrate the best in Dota 2. Then, we wander around more to catch Pokémon. Matt checks in with Dead Cells for a bit while Joe learns how to jump in Quake Champions. Marc spends a weekend traveling through four seasons in The Last of Us and its subsequent DLC. We talk about some news out of Gamescom and lament the delay of another anticipated game.
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This week on The Free Cheese, we dream that we're clairvoyant. While Matt and Ben are away on assignment, Marc and Joe get ready for the next generation of Pokémon to hit Pokémon Go. We learn a little more about the Xbox One dashboard and then we talk about another black-and-white duck fighter candidate for the Marc™ GOTY. Joe gives an update on which dimension he's travelled to, then talks about his recent stint as a professional car dude. We share news about the delay of a beloved franchise's return, the arrival of a mystical creature, and when you can dungeon crawl through Hell on your Nintendo Switch.
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This week on The Free Cheese, everybody's here. We recap the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct and share our excitement for what's to come. We also talk about what happened at QuakeCon 2018 and announce to you the next installer you'll be able to keep on your PC desktop. We spent some time this week playing fighting games and Hunt: Showdown. Marc tells us a bit about playing pinball on an island, Ben spends more time fighting in the streets, Matt prepares for The International, and Joe explores the depths of an ever-changing castle.
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This week on The Free Cheese we haven't encountered that before. Our paths intersect this week as Marc and Matt dive into WarioWare Gold and Ben and Joe talk a bit of Street Fighter V. We've all been exploring the real world through Pokémon Go as the craze continues and Joe shares more stories from Ultra Moon. Matt finds himself on the ice again while Marc is taking things apart with a wrench. Ben spends some time at the beach walking into people and Joe watches some weird slaps. We talk about the updates to Quake Champions and the new character added to the game. Then, we hear about which fighting game might make a return and when we can expect to get our hands on a new card game. Finally, we learn about some new fighters coming to Tekken 7.
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