The Free Cheese
This week on The Free Cheese, multiplayer online battle arena. To start things off, Matt buys a new car and Marc and Joe write a horror movie. Matt spends his time this week between two things he'd never expected years ago. Marc fights with two buttons and then learns how to be mega in new ways. Joe does some weird stuff and then keeps trying to catch them all. We talk about the next Xbox after some rumors start to circulate and look at new GameCube controllers. We learn about changes that are currently rolling out to Quake Champions and hear about where 2K will be spending its money in the coming years.
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This week on The Free Cheese, welcome to Summer 2016! We catch up on Marc's birthday festivities and what's happening in San Diego. Then, Matt swears he's never playing Mario Tennis Aces again... Marc runs the gambit of game samples this week from 3DS demos to explosive chickens. Ben starts counting frames in Street Fighter V and gets really good. Matt hops on the bus for one more ride. Joe finds himself on vacation in a tropical place that's all too familiar. We're all playing Pokémon Go again and we close out the show talking a bit about some news from the week.
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This week on The Free Cheese, I was walking with a ghost. Marc kicks things off with a journey into the real world of Kanto, Ben learns to stay on the ground while fighting, Joe rips and tears at 5K, and Matt doesn't want to talk about tennis. We talk a lot about Quake Champions as we continue to learn the game and fall in love with playing it more each day. We close out the show with a peek into an Uncharted movie and a realization that a Mortal Kombat movie might be far off.
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This week on The Free Cheese, it's killing time. Matt becomes a god and is compared to the father of Nintendo as he destroys in Mario Tennis Aces (after deleting it). Ben begins to learn the terrifying truth of NieR: Automata. Joe uncovers the magic of Xbox Play Anywhere with his new computer and State of Decay 2. We all shared one big experience this week called Quake Champions—and we really fell in love with it. Finally, we close out with a string of news stories from the week featuring Sonic, Shenmue, and other non-Sega things.  

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This week on The Free Cheese, we consider early stage goths. Matt keeps playing Mario Tennis Aces and starts watching a TV show called Quantum Break. Ben hides things in the wrong chests around the mansion in Resident Evil. Marc doesn't want you to play Unreal Tournament but he's super stoked to be murdering dinosaurs again in Turok. Joe tries to stay alive in the darkest version of The Sims to date: State of Decay 2. We consider which game we can always come back to and enjoy no matter what. Then, we share out exclusive recipes for smoked gas station meats. Barcelona!
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