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This week on The Free Cheese, we go to New Donk City for real. Super Mario Odyssey is finally here and we've collectively fallen in love with it. We also talk about Middle-earth: Shadow of War and how it feels to approach the endgame. We travel to an alternate timeline where the outcome of WW2 was a little different and it's time to fix things in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Then, we learn about a new card game that passed us by that seemingly has everything we've been looking for in Eternal. Joe, Matt, Marc, Ako, and Ben are here to discuss GameCube controllers on Switch, new Hitman content, updates to The Master Chief Collection, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and oh so much more. Strap in for a long one, and Happy Halloween.
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This week on the Free Cheese, 204863. Matt and Joe recant the moments Matt recently spent playing P.T. and how a good old-fashioned pretzel dog can change your world. We hear about the Tim Burton bug nightmares found in Hollow Knight, the evolution of tactical loot boxes in Rainbow Six Siege, and how good it feels to change up the way you fight in Middle-earth: Shadow of War. During our news segment, we discuss the closure of Visceral Games and the ever-confusing future of Amy Hennig, tiny controllers, shiny Super Nintendos, and logos. Yes, logos.
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This week on The Free Cheese: it's our five year anniversary. To celebrate, we hear from Mariah Carey and share our chicken wing recipes. Matt and Joe share updates from Destiny 2 and what it's like to complete a Nightfall Strike. Matt takes control of enemy orcs in Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Marc and Ben type their way to adventure with Stories Untold. Marc explores his nightmares in a MarcGame™ called Faith and grows his bond with digital monsters. Ben has a taste of chicken and kills a really, really big thing. We hear the results of the great Vampire/Werewolf war and find out if loot boxes are gambling. Then, to close us out, we prepare our trip to Japan for the greatest collaboration between two worlds in this century.
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This week on The Free Cheese: It's basically the 1930s. Matt and Joe played a lot of a little bit of Cuphead and are completely in love with its presentation and gameplay. We also played a lot more Destiny 2 and feel good about preparing for the raid. Joe remembers games that he doesn't like to play while Matt finds his new go-to Switch game. Hear some thoughts on the PAX demo of Shovel Knight: King of Cards and how Yacht Club Games is shaping up to make yet another great entry in its Shovel Knight series. We learn about the departure of PlayStation heads and the revival of twelve-year-old multiplayer servers. Then, we talk briefly about the movies and what we can expect to see coming down the pipeline. All that and more on this video game podcast about video games.
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This week on The Free Cheese, can we go out and kill tonight? It's October and everything is perfect. In a weird turn of events, we talk about Destiny 2 - a lot of Destiny 2 - as Joe and Matt begin their journey. Matt plays a bit of Golf Story and finds it more charming than expected. He's also seen Ending A of NieR: Automata and lived to tell about it. Marc goes in deep with the Nonary games, finding every possible ending and still looking for secrets within. Ben gets stuck in Metroid and we try to help him out, but really he's just loving Fallout: New Vegas. We talk a little bit about the SNES Classic and some developer interviews that coincided with its release. Then, we dive into the future of the internet and what the years ahead have in store for more than just how we play video games.
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