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It's all about the 3DS this week as we discuss our favorite games for the console, just in time for the New Nintendo 2DS XL. Longtime listener, first time guest Ben joins us to talk about DOOM, Slayer, and FMV games that create legislature.

We talk about the Metroid amiibo content, an update to Metal Gear Solid V, cancelled SNES preorders, and the return of Night Trap.

Plus, we talk about Hitman, Splatoon 2, Prey, Friday the 13th, Dark Seed II demos, The Deed, and so much more in this packed episode.

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Save this episode This week on The Free Cheese: We don't get cooked. We briefly recap what you missed from last week's episode after our hard drive failed. Then, we talk about Comic Con and why DC is doing it right (and why it's okay to like whatever you like). Marc almost escapes a room and then find out that That's You! Then, he finds our how to escape from a Resident Evil 7 bedroom. Matt meets the Old Hunters in a river of blood and then becomes a can in Prey. Joe solves puzzles in the third dimension in Picross 3D Round 2, while revisiting Bloodborne in search of a shiny trophy. We all spent the better part of the weekend in different parts of Splatoon 2 and we're here to tell you why the game is great. Finally, we wrap up by creating a list of the games that we recommend for Matt as he enters the 3DS family later this week with the launch of the New Nintendo 2DS XL.
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This week on The Free Cheese: You can email us a new car!

We gather to share our mutual excitement for Splatoon 2 and its upcoming release. We also talk about the new Castlevania series and where we'd like to see it go.

Matt finds himself a new platinum trophy and can't play anything else. Marc tries a MOBA and thinks he likes it. Joe plays through more indie games on Switch and wants more.

We also discuss the hidden NES emulator on Switch, Platinum Games teasing, and why bad games become bad games.

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This week on The Free Cheese: So it's come to this. Matt returns from a beach vacation with gifts of summer for Joe and Marc. He's also been busy with a recent remaster of Crash Bandicoot, while Prey looms in the distance. Marc talks about some Friday the 13th glitches and reminds us of a time when we all wanted to be detectives with Hotel Dusk: Room 215. Joe returns to the Switch to renew his commitment with the console and finds himself exploring the best of independent development on the Switch, from Mighty Gunvolt Burst to Gonner. Finally, we talk about the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition and try to temper our expectations early. We do the math so you don't have to and figure out how the $80 price tag makes perfect sense. Surprisingly, Mother 3 is only brought up three times. Or so...

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