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This week on the Free Cheese: we design a 16-bit console for Christmas. Matt plays Hearthstone again. He also screams at a hockey game and makes a return to Breath of the Wild. Sandeep accidentally bought a PlayStation VR for Resident Evil 7, but finds the immersion too dizzying to continue. Joe beat NieR: Automata 3 out of 26 times and fell completely in love with the ever-evolving story. Together, we discuss the discontinuation of the NES Classic along with the new rumors that a SNES Classic is on the way. One by one, we list our picks for which games we'd like to see.
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This week on The Free Cheese: Yes. No. Maybe. I Don't Know. Could you repeat the question? There was a new Nintendo Direct! We recap what Nintendo announced, including release dates for ARMS and Splatoon 2, as well as the surprises along the way. We talk about the approach to the Nintendo Switch launch window and how surprisingly smooth it appears to be going. Joe tries out Drawn to Death but is not good at it. Instead, he finds himself in the middle of a Super Nintendo renaissance on the 3DS, with A Link to the Past and Super Mario World. Marc plays 1-2-Switch with his mom and loses in Quick Draw. A little more Breath of the Wild and a little more Snipperclips are still no replacement to Yooka-Laylee, which Marc couldn't play... Matt goes for Ganon after realizing the need to complete the game. Between playoff games, he's busy playing cards again.
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Save this episode This week on The Free Cheese: Taco Bell for Breakfast?! We go to the flea market and get old video games. Marc dances on the toilet and says that Blaster Master Zero is better than it looks. Matt does a terrible thing but learns how to automate MLB The Show 17. Joe struggles to find something to play other than Breath of the Wild, and we can all agree on that. We discuss alpaca farms, M2, independent development on the Nintendo Switch, and anime malware. We ask, "Where is the Virtual Console?" Finally, we talk about the Video Game History Foundation and some of the rad things that have surfaced this week.
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This week on The Free Cheese: We cry at the Wonder Woman theme.

Joe, Matt, and Marc gather around to discuss Rocket League on Switch, Ryan Reynolds, Canada, and something called "baseball." We learn about where our species comes from and why our opinions on movies matter- or don't matter- who cares?

Marc continues through some of The Legend of Zelda:Breath of the Wild and shares his thoughts on a new deal at Taco Bell. He also details the process behind the creation of our latest cover story.

Joe finds aliens in NieR: Automata... kind of... and after returning to a little bit of Breath of the Wild finds himself with a copy of A Link to the Past on his 3DS.

Matt begins his adventure in Mass Effect: Andromeda and sees how different this world is from the previous games. After trying to make a new planet, he brings it local with some hometown excitement for America's favorite pastime.

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