The Free Cheese

This week on The Free Cheese, we enter Ultra Reality.

Joe and Marc gather this week to discuss the Nintendo 64 and its twentieth anniversary. We share the stories of receiving ours and the games we got at launch.

Marc plays some Hyper Light Drifter in a glorious 60 frames per second and wonders why he has to in the first place. Joe wants more out of Slain: Back from Hell and finds it in Super Mario 64. While Joe treks deeper into Dragon Quest VII, Marc leaps higher with one hand in Leap Day.

Finally, we talk about how a decade-long rival ended up as a partnership and strong collaboration.

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This week on The Free Cheese, we become human.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in North America next week, we discuss our list of favorite 20 N64 games and some of the games that made the cut. Marc tells us about the time he tricked a child.

We find out if Joe was right about the NX after last week's prediction, and why Marc and Kyle struggle to find enjoyment in thatgamecompany's Journey. We discuss the uniqueness of Journey and how it holds up after almost five years.

Dragon Quest VII is out and so far we've delivered one sandwich. Shovel Knight is still a great game and Plague of Shadows is still a perfect expansion to the original title. Finally, Slain: Back from Hell is released on PS4 and we find out if it feels as great as it looks.

Witness the return of Lightning Round as it leads us into our topic of the week, all about the ethics of VR development and what the future holds for our X-Files episode called "Life."

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This week on The Free Cheese, find out more next year. 

Joe and Marc gather to talk about the swath of games that have been delayed and what is the appropriate reaction to disappointment. We look at how positive reinforcement can do a lot of good and how toxic it is when we spew negativity.

We played FAST Racing NEO this week in attempt to fill the F-Zero void that lives in our hearts. We learn that Nintendo has a real level of polish that continues to make its games that much better. Marc makes his hands happy in Drawful 2 and entertains his backtracking brain with Strider on PS4. Joe uncovers 3D models in Picross 3D Round 2, returns to Bloodborne to meet the Old Hunters, and wishes he could kill things amidst blood and black metal...

To celebrate the N64's twentieth birthday, we talk a little about some of the games that have made our countdown list. We bring the show to a close by predicting when the NX will be revealed.

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This week on The Free Cheese, we get upgraded.

Joe, Marc, and Kyle gather to discuss the PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4 Slim, and what those consoles really mean for our market. 

We learn about Nintendo's mobile delays and its new game bringing Mario to the platform. Hyper Light Drifter gets cancelled for Wii U and PS Vita and we talk about why that's okay.

Kyle struggles to find something to play while Joe and Marc race slot cars against people they walk past in the streets. StreetPass updates excite us while Super Mario Maker on 3DS reinvigorates our love for the Wii U version.

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This week on The Free Cheese, we just want to be heard!

Joe, Marc, and Dashe gather in a conversation about the classic days of Castlevania and Final Fantasy. We learn about Dashe's gaming history and the first game that he ever beat. We talk about the two very different camps of Final Fantasy fans and how Marc walks the line in between them.

We go a little further into some of the Nintendo Direct announcements, if only to create new conspiracy theories to flood the internet with. What have we already seen from Nintendo that points toward NX? Why are there mobile homes in Animal Crossing and why don't we know anything about the mobile game yet?

Dashe brings some strong insight into No Man's Sky, as someone who entered it without giving into the negativity surrounding it. We try to figure out how a developer can release a huge title and then go completely dark. We then remember why we hate MMORPGs.

Marc wants pants and Marc wants shoes. He wants them separate from one another but he can't get that in Rock Band 4. After finding a face that sort of works, he tries to fight everything in Mystical Ninja, what the big deal is with Paragon, and figures out how to quickly spend too much real money on pretend badges.

Joe uses his New Nintendo 3DS to continue revisiting his 3DS library in a new way, specifically Mario Kart 7, where 3D finally makes a difference. The heart machine continues in Hyper Light Drifter as we make a weird comparison that kind of works.

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This week on The Free Cheese, we talk directly to you about Nintendo.

Kyle and Joe close out our month of Metroid coverage with a conversation about Metroid: Zero Mission. We talk about our experience with the game, why every Metroid game should be like this one, and why it's okay that Nintendo is a little strict with the use of its IP.

After a week, Kyle has explored and understands a bit more of No Man's Sky, yet he still is not convinced the game is anything more than he originally thought it to be. Without knowing how much longer he'll stay with it, Kyle still found himself terrified when he landed on a planet that was filled with water and gave him flashbacks to the N64...

Joe bought his New Nintendo 3DS and used it to revisit some old classics and see how they fare. Impressed with how quickly Super Smash Bros. booted up, he put emulation to the test by returning to EarthBound on the small screen. As naturally as it was to return to it, he is just as eager to race around in Mario Kart 7 again.

We highlight a story about a lawyer who left his practice to make an RPG where everyone dies. We throw out some questions for another edition of lightning round. 

Finally, we recap everything from today's Nintendo Direct presentation and share the parts we are most excited about (or not so excited about).

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