The Free Cheese

This week on The Free Cheese, we break hard drives!

Marc responds to Kyle and Joe's conversation from last week, adding some insight into where we were last episode. Kyle contradicts himself from last week and finds himself piloting a ship to nowhere. Joe breaks his computer and has to borrow his girlfriend's to record!

We talk about how certain games are like a secret garden to us, and how we've always felt like they were special to us; no one knew about our little secret. Yet today, there's at least one subreddit and twelve t-shirts in the mall that showcase your little secret.

Marc plays some of Team Ninja's Nioh and gets mad at the new slim PS4. Joe raves about Hyper Light Drifter even though he still doesn't understand half of what he's doing.

We close with a brief recap of Metroid Fusion as we near the end of our month of Metroid.

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This week on The Free Cheese, Joe and Kyle try to understand discipline and attempt to balance their expectations with reality.

We wonder why No Man's Sky is no more exciting than a trailer, and how difficult it is to create something that still provides thrill and surprise to encourage playground chatter in the modern era.

We look at what makes stories interesting to us and try to uncover why we are so easily dismissive and how we never accomplish anything.

Kyle tells us stories of his recent journey to Philadelphia and Joe trades the secrets of success for a day on the couch.

We create the formula for Nintendo's EarthBound adaptation, discover the games we'll be playing when it snows, and talk about Super Metroid all in under two hours in one of our best episodes ever.

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This week on The Free Cheese, Marc and Joe learn to love together forever.

While Kyle is away, Marc and Joe talk about the cancellation of Metroid Dread. The lost game from 2005 remains a mystery but as we look back, we try to understand what it may have meant canonically for the series.

Marc sees red in Doom and sees nothing inside of Metroid Prime: Blast Ball. Joe remains unimpressed with the 2.5D Bloodstained, but gets super spooked in the midst of Metroid Prime.

We talk about the upcoming PS4 revision and what it might mean, as well as new information on the New Nintendo 3DS in North America. We share the games that we wish would've never been cancelled and we take a moment to remember someone who shaped the worlds of Square Enix. 

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This week on The Free Cheese, we talk a lot about homeless Mario. 

To start our month of Metroid coverage for the series' 30th anniversary, we briefly discuss our own personal histories with the franchise. We talk about the horror/not horror elements of the games and what makes a great Metroid.

Kyle finds himself riding a bike in circles to hatch more eggs, while Joe plays pretend soccer in Metroid Prime: Blast Ball, and Marc is too young to die so he grabbed himself a copy of Doom to murder monsters.

During Show and Tell, Marc tells us about Prey for the Gods, Kyle hates the Alola region, and Joe tries to describe the NX.

We let a CPU match decide on this month's pick for Game Club and we initiate another thrilling installment of Lightning Round.

Finally, we discuss why 2017 is potentially the year of platformers, looking at the likes of Sonic Mania, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Yooka-Laylee, and Mario NX

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