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FourPlay Episode 32: It's So Good

This week on FourPlay, Marc plays Smash Flash, Dave journeys into Dark Souls II again, Kyle continues to Nuzlocke, and Joe falls back in love with The Last of Us- now on PS4. 

Then, a ten question lightning round ensues that stretches the history of gaming.

The topic of the week was based on our cover story this week "...And We Never Heard From Them Again," so we talked about the loss of local multiplayer. 

Finally, we give a sneak peek into the first monthly game club and talked about the addition of forums to the website. Sign up today!

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FourPlay Episode 31: Rad, Rad, Rad

This week on FourPlay we wish our good friend Ako a super rad birthday. Dave tries to get better at Mario Kart 8 while drifting through Drifter. Marc feels inspired by our recent string of articles to go revisit Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Battletoads. Chris dies in Dark Souls II's new DLC and revives himself inside of Divinity: Original Sin. Kyle slowly falls in love with Samus Aran and then discovers Steam. Dan continues exploring the beauty that is Final Fantasy X in HD amidst his mansion exploring as Mario's younger brother. Joe tests out his new Game Boy Micro and then tries out Oddworld to see just how New 'n' Tasty it is. Finally, everyone talks about the future of The Legend of Zelda and the history of the console wars.

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FourPlay Episode 30: Super Smash Bros.

This week on FourPlay, we discuss our recent trip to the arcade amidst a week's worth of playing games. Then, we spend the rest of the episode talking about Super Smash Bros. and why we are excited for the new games, who we want to see added to the roster, and so much more. 

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FourPlay Episode 29: Andy Hull & More Shovel Knight

This week on FourPlay: Dave continues his adventures in Skyrim with the first set of DLC, Chris and Joe argue about Shovel Knight's difficulty, and Kyle feels indifferent toward Sly Cooper 4. Chris plays a little BlazBlue to keep his sanity and Joe tries out Insomniac's free-to-play iOS game Outernauts. 

Kyle, Dan, and Joe talk to Andy Hull about programming Spelunky, moving to Baltimore, and his next project.

Finally, Joe, Dave, and Chris discuss some new features for the website while Kyle plays Shovel Knight live.

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FourPlay Episode 28: Shovel Knight on Mars

There is a lot crammed into this week's show. Marc gets addicted to the Pokémon online card game, Chris and Joe fall in absolute love with Yacht Club Games' Shovel Knight, and Kyle and Joe talk about their trip to Mohawk Games to try out their debut title: Offworld Trading Company. 

There's a new segment introduced called "What's In Daddy's Mouth?" and everyone is sorry about that, but you can join in on the fun!

Finally, there is discussion about the best games of the year so far and what the crew thinks will be the best games by the end of the year, along with favorites from each member.

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