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This week marks the 20th episode of FourPlay since we've started! Guess what? We forgot to record it because we had too much fun livestreaming PS4 games and eating pizza. Instead, please enjoy a throwback episode to Dave's old show "Casters of the Universe," where he and Chris chat with Joe about Bioshock: Infinite, The Last of Us, Soviet Literature, boy piercing, and so much more. Also included: the early stages of our conversations about thefreecheesedotcom where Joe talked about his future plans that would eventually become the website that we all work on now! We'll be back next week with a regular FourPlay, but until then enjoy this throwback show and get excited for whatever Dave has coming next...

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FourPlay Episode 19: Kiss From A Rose

In a rather hurried and shorter episode this week, Joe, Chris, Dave, Kyle, and special guest Tyler get together to discuss Tomadochi Life, Final Fantasy XIV, the excavation of a gaming myth, and Shaq impressions. Then we discuss last week's question of the week, and share our memories of misplaced nostalgia. We close out the show with what we've been playing from Conception II, Pokemon Ruby, Gran Turismo 6, Steamworld Dig, and more!

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This week Joe, Dave, Chris, Kyle, and Dan discuss Amy Hennig working on Star Wars, Adam Sessler, and new Mario games. We go over our reactions to everything Smash Bros. from this week's Nintendo Direct, and then a listener writes in to hear our thoughts on a certain Street Fighter II theme...

We cover what we've played from Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Pt. 2 to Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed to Dark Souls II, Mercenary Kings, Luftrausers and Olli Olli. Dan poses the question "What about your favorite game makes it your favorite game?" Kyle gets lucky in a race car bed, and we ask you a new question for next week.

Oh what a great show we had this week, please enjoy!

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FourPlay Episode 17: April Fools at Brown's Daycare

The entire FourPlay cast is here to talk about Phil Spencer running Xbox, Oddworld definitely having a home on the Wii U, the Amazon non-console-console box, changing your PSN username, and updates to inFamous Second Son. We also give you the week's new releases, answer last week's question of the week, and then discuss what we've all been playing- including Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Pt. 2, Dark Souls II, inFamous Second Son, South Park: The Stick of Truth, and Luftrausers!

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inFamous: Second Son was released on March 21, 2014 for the PS4. With two weeks behind us, we've finished the game and wanted to sit down and talk about it. Joe is joined by FourPlay regular Chris and guests Tyler Gibson and Joseph Bulls to discuss everything they loved and loved not so much about Sucker Punch's latest entry in the inFamous series. Seriously, where is Cole? 

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