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FourPlay Episode 16: Amazing Spider-Man 2 FULL MOVIE HD LEAK

This week Joe, Dan and Sandeep gather around and wait for Dave to arrive while they discuss Koji Igarashi making Metroid, PS4 firmware updates, Unity on Wii U, and Far Cry 4. We answer last week's question of the week and then talk a lot about South Park: The Stick of Truth, inFamous: Second Son, Sandeep's Book Club, and then Dan sells us all a copy of Little Inferno! Will Dave ever show up? Tune in to find out! Thanks Dave!

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FourPlay Episode 15: Bible RPG

This week on FourPlay Joe, Chris, Kyle, and Dave discuss Watch_Dogs alleged gameplay time, another Microsoft employee leaving, Sony's new Virtual Reality headset, and Koji Igarashi's departure from Konami. Then we discuss our answers from the question of the week two weeks ago and what we've been playing including Dark Souls II, Wind Waker HD, and of course South Park: The Stick of Truth.

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FourPlay Episode 14: Mostly South Park: The Stick of Truth...Mostly...

This week on FourPlay, Joe and Kyle run through the news, discussing The Last of Us movie, Jack Tretton leaving Playstation, Guacamelee coming to new consoles, Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition, and more. After a quick run through of this week's new releases, Dan joins to discuss Titanfall, Loadout, Tomb Raider, Pikmin 3, and of course South Park: The Stick of Truth

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FourPlay Episode 13: Batman The Stick of Arkham

After somewhat of a forced hiatus Joe, Kyle, Dave, and Chris are back to discuss the PS4 sales numbers, Twitch Plays Pokemon, the Xbox One March update, and the announcement of Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Knight. In a roundtable "what we've been playing," Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Outlast, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, Batman: Arkham Origins, The Last of Us: Left Behind, and South Park: The Stick of Truth are discussed. 

Welcome back!

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