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This week on the show: Joe, Dan, Kyle, and Dave bring you the latest news on the PS4, Steam Hardware, Metroid games, Xbox One Indies, and South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Then we cover what we've been playing which is a lot of GTA V, but a few surprises along the way. Dave bought a PS3 and Joe bought a 3DS! The world explodes as Kyle doesn't! You are to listen!

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This week on the show, Joe, Tyler, Kyle, and Dan discuss grandparents losing their minds, stupid children, and Ashton Kutcher's new biopic. We cover Sony announcements out of TGS, Wii Sports Updates, the death of a massive force in video game history, and GTA V, GTA V, GTA V, GTA V, Spelunky, GTA V, GTA V, GTA V. Kyle learns that he is Jewish, the podcast crashes, and we all laugh a lot. Please to enjoy!

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This week we go back to the beginning. It's just Dan and Joe doing the show like it's episode one- except better. We forget how old we are, discuss bush, and get caught up on each other's lives. Then we talk about Spider-Man on Vita, GTA V, PS Vita TV, and Super Smash Bros. Then we talk about why the PS4 will win next generation and talk about this week's new releases and what we have ben playing lately. 

Come get weird with us.

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This week on the show Joe is joined by Kyle, Tyler, and Sandeep. Joe is allergic to his new puppy and is exhausted from moving and school, but Tyler, Sandeep and Kyle save the show as we discuss Mighty No. 9, Metal Gear Solid V, and Luis Guzman! Enjoy this short episode and stay tuned for more to come! 

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