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This week Joe and Dan cover the typical news and new releases, along with why they don't care about sweating on a controller to make music louder, Nintendo, old games, and blenders. The next generation of gaming is so close, leaving a lot of unanswered questions for us to talk about. Enjoy!

This week's music in order of appearance:

Andrew W.K. - I Love NYC

Blink-182 - The Party Song

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This week on The Game Fart, Joe and Dan are both recovering from crippling disease but still manage to talk about violence in video games, THQ, movies, Charles Barkley video games, and what they've been playing. This podcast is not contagious so please enjoy our journey!

This week's music in order of appearance:

The Black Keys - Howlin' For You

The Roots - The Seed

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This week we take it back to basics and we get rid of our friends! Joe and Dan talk about California, comic books, skateboards, and of course video games. We cover the latest news and releases in video games for the week and give our predictions for 2013. Enjoy!

This week's music in order of appearance:

Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice?

Prince - I Would Die 4 U

Hall & Oates - Maneater

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This week while Dan is skateboarding to California, Joe and Tyler talk about news, what they've been playing, and used games. There is a lot of singing and ultimately great conversation. Hang in there... 

This week's music in order of appearance:

The Naked and Famous - Young Blood

Bon Iver - Towers

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