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This week on The Free Cheese: it's our five year anniversary. To celebrate, we hear from Mariah Carey and share our chicken wing recipes. Matt and Joe share updates from Destiny 2 and what it's like to complete a Nightfall Strike. Matt takes control of enemy orcs in Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Marc and Ben type their way to adventure with Stories Untold. Marc explores his nightmares in a MarcGame™ called Faith and grows his bond with digital monsters. Ben has a taste of chicken and kills a really, really big thing. We hear the results of the great Vampire/Werewolf war and find out if loot boxes are gambling. Then, to close us out, we prepare our trip to Japan for the greatest collaboration between two worlds in this century.
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This week on The Free Cheese: It's basically the 1930s. Matt and Joe played a lot of a little bit of Cuphead and are completely in love with its presentation and gameplay. We also played a lot more Destiny 2 and feel good about preparing for the raid. Joe remembers games that he doesn't like to play while Matt finds his new go-to Switch game. Hear some thoughts on the PAX demo of Shovel Knight: King of Cards and how Yacht Club Games is shaping up to make yet another great entry in its Shovel Knight series. We learn about the departure of PlayStation heads and the revival of twelve-year-old multiplayer servers. Then, we talk briefly about the movies and what we can expect to see coming down the pipeline. All that and more on this video game podcast about video games.
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This week on The Free Cheese, can we go out and kill tonight? It's October and everything is perfect. In a weird turn of events, we talk about Destiny 2 - a lot of Destiny 2 - as Joe and Matt begin their journey. Matt plays a bit of Golf Story and finds it more charming than expected. He's also seen Ending A of NieR: Automata and lived to tell about it. Marc goes in deep with the Nonary games, finding every possible ending and still looking for secrets within. Ben gets stuck in Metroid and we try to help him out, but really he's just loving Fallout: New Vegas. We talk a little bit about the SNES Classic and some developer interviews that coincided with its release. Then, we dive into the future of the internet and what the years ahead have in store for more than just how we play video games.
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This week on The Free Cheese, we find the weirdest mascot. Joe has been playing more Let It Die for the first time in a while, finding excitement on the twenty-third floor and hunting through the depths of SR-388 in Metroid: Samus Returns. Marc goes full Marc as he discovers his Game of the Year, Fight'N Rage, and he finally starts 999. Matt catches up with NieR: Automata's robot party and then tries out a new position in NHL. We talk about the actual, real way that PlayStation and Xbox players can actually play together -- and how Microsoft boss says that it's cool. We throw back a little to the Mario 128 demo that debuted with the GameCube. Then, we close it up with a look at Rare and its fifteen years under Microsoft's arm.
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Save this episode This week on The Free Cheese: We survived E3, maybe... During the aftermath of the annual video game show, we recall our predictions and see who was the worst at guessing what would happen. We also give some more thought to what we watched unfold from Microsoft, PlayStation, and Nintendo over the last few days. Marc played a lot of Friday the 13th, learning how to become Jason's mom and work with his friends to steal a car. Matt doesn't like Mass Effect: Andromeda, but he's determined to finish it so that he can dive into Prey. Joe got the itch for more Final Fantasy and has been dancing to the beat with Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call while he waits for Lightning Returns to arrive.
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Save this episode Nintendo detailed some plans for 2017 and beyond in its Spotlight presentation earlier today and we're pretty excited with what was shown. Super Mario Odyssey looks like a weird 3D Mario game that we've been waiting for, while the expansion for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild seems to bring new life into the game after we've moved forward from it. The announcement of Rocket League coming to Nintendo Switch has Matt throwing his credit card once again as Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle had before. Finally, we got a taste into the further future with peeks at gameplay for both Kirby and Yoshi and Nintendo stopped our hearts with a single Metroid Prime 4 logo.
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Save this episode The Year of Dreams becomes the Year of Realities as PlayStation showcases seventeen experiences for E3 2017. We gather after the showcase to discuss Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Horizon: Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds, along with some of the other games coming to PlayStation in 2017. Additionally, we look with PlayStation at what is coming in 2018, and how a lot of the press conference detailed what we can expect in the first half of 2018. We walked away feeling pretty good about what was shown off, but we argue a bit about whether or not we were truly impressed with the show.
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Save this episode Bang bang motherfuckers. Ubisoft took to the stage and fully revealed Mario + Rabbids: Battle Kingdom and it is certainly a game that has piqued our interest. During its E3 2017 conference, the French company also revealed Beyond Good and Evil 2. We saw a little bit of The Crew 2, Assassin's Creed: Origins, and an Olympic tie-in to Steep. We also saw the debut of Skull & Bones, a new naval combat game, and Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Ubisoft's new toys-to-life game coming next year.
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Save this episode Our very own hometown heroes, Bethesda held its E3 2017 Showcase to detail upcoming games we can expect to play later this year. We were treated to new details on amiibo support for Skyrim on Nintendo Switch, DOOM VFR, Fallout 4 VR, and Quake Champions. We then witnessed the debut of The Evil Within 2, set to launch on October 13th and hopefully terrify us before Halloween. Finally, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus closed the show with a terrifying look into an alternate America.
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Microsoft takes to the stage during E3 2017 to reveal the Xbox One X. Along with the new console, backwards compatibility, Bioware's Anthem, Forza Motorsport 7, Crackdown 3, and a whole lot more are talked about. Here, we react to the console itself, its $499 price point, and the reveal when compared to previous console reveals.
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E3 2017 has begun. EA opened the festivities with a press conference showcasing its upcoming games and it left us a little underwhelmed. We recap what the company had to show off and share a little bit about how we felt. Please stop making NBA Live. Thanks, The Free Cheese.
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This week on The Free Cheese Podcast:

We figure out how Bethesda makes video games. 

Joe and Kyle run down all things Nintendo by recapping the latest Nintendo Direct. Joe gets excited for things he shouldn't, and Kyle is tired of Animal Crossing spinoffs. We're both excited to see Twilight Princess remade for Wii U and think that Pokken Tournament and Star Fox Zero are coming along nicely.

Kyle takes a trip back to 2012 and revisits Telltale's The Walking Dead, while Joe travels to 2077 and watches the sky fall down in Fallout 4. 

Finally, we talk about our recent live stream of Super Mario Maker and how rad it can be when people make cleverly designed stages.

Have you downloaded AmiiboHunt on the App Store yet? Not only does it contain a full database with amiibo information, but it has a built in tracker that shows you where to find your most wanted amiibo at a store near you. It's been recently updated to include push notifications, keeping you up to date on restocks, preorders, and so much more!

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This week on The Free Cheese Podcast:

Join Joe, Marc, and Kyle as they discuss their latest adventures in video gaming. Kyle just bought a PS4 and is utilizing the brand new system to play year-old games, while testing the grounds in Minecraft to see what it's all about. Marc dove into a SEGA Humble Bundle sale and has been experiencing the joy of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed in all of its nostalgia glory. He also has been checking out Sonic Generations for the first time, as well as Arkham Origins as he starts his playthrough of the entire trilogy in chronological order. Joe tried out Never Alone for the PS4 and finds it quite charming and beautiful, while he struggles to get through the opening grind of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
We're briefly interrupted by a potential death of a neighbor and some commotion outside of the recording space, but we return from our break to share out favorite PlayStation memories to celebrate 20 years of PlayStation. We share some of our favorite games and favorite times spent with the little gray box, then we field Twitter for some of our friend's favorite memories of the console. There is a lot of discussion surrounding the joy that came from a demo disc. 
We hope you enjoy this episode and be sure to visit for more of our stuff!
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This week on the show, we talk about the latest in news and new releases including PC games coming to PS4, DuckTales Remastered, and what we think of the GTA V boxart... We also cover what we've been playing (hint: Bioshock Infinite...) and what we think the next big thing in gaming will be, and the future of video games. Enjoy!

This week's music:

Thrice - Yellow Belly

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This week on The Game Fart, Dan and Joe are reunited and they have a lot to talk about. We cover PS4, JRPG's, spoilers, Lego's, religious kart racers, and Assassin's Creed IV. We also share this week's new releases, eating candy while recording, and Russian 102. Enjoy the show!

This week's music in order of appearance:

Genesis - No Reply At All

Metallica - Puppet Master

Black Flag - My War

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IT'S REAL! WE SAW THE FUTURE! This week on the show, Joe is joined by Ako, Sandeep, and Pat, while Dan is out of town. There really wasn't much else to talk about besides the PS4. We cover the controller, the network, sharing, games, friendships, the future, and pretty much everything you would ever need to know about Sony's latest console. We are all very excited and this was a great show to record. Listen to the future with us! LONG. LIVE. PLAY.

This week's music in order of appearance:

The Nocturnes - I Was the Light of Day

Billy Ocean - Carribbean Queen

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This week on the show, Dan and Joe talk about what they think Sony might be doing this coming Wednesday in New York. Other topics include Destiny, who to kill in a space station, speaking Russian, lucid dreams, phantom limbs, and controllers. Drop out of college today, it's tough! 

This week's music in order of appearance:

Regina Spektor - Old Jacket

Polaris - Hey Sandy

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This week on The Game Fart, Joe and Dan are joined by special guest, Dave Duvall. He is a longtime friend and host of the podcast Casters of the Universe. We talk PS4, Kinect 2.0, Game Boy, the digital future, and other news from the week. We cover what we've been playing and wrap up with some sad dad stories. Please to Enjoy!

This week's music:

Battle of the Holy (Castlevania: Adventure OS)

Dethklok - Dethharmonic

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This week on The Game Fart:

After some delays in recording, we finally get together for news andtheandtheandtheandtheandthe new releases for the week. Joe, Dan, and Sandeep talk about THQ's sale, Nintendo announcements, PS4, Ni No Kuni Wizard disasters, and GTA V. We also get a letter from a listener who sends out some love. We wrap it all up with our self made theme parks and why we don't want a 3DS. Enjoy!

This week's music in order of appearance:

Alien Ant Farm - Movies

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! End Theme

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This week on The Game Fart, Joe and Dan are both recovering from crippling disease but still manage to talk about violence in video games, THQ, movies, Charles Barkley video games, and what they've been playing. This podcast is not contagious so please enjoy our journey!

This week's music in order of appearance:

The Black Keys - Howlin' For You

The Roots - The Seed

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This week on The Game Fart...

Dan, Joe, and Tyler (in order of age, not importance) discuss whether or not Trophies and Achievements matter at all. We cover news and new releases for the week of 12/03/12 and we almost talk ourselves to sleep. Enjoy!

This week's music (in order of appearance):

Dethklok - Go Into the Water

The Smashing Pumpkins - 1979

Bon Iver - Skinny Love

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The Game Fart Episode 7: Nick Wojtowycz & Majestic-12

Hello and welcome to Episode 7 of The Game Fart. Topics include Wii U, PSASBR, Twinkie based economies, and game development. This week, Tyler Block makes his return, but more importantly, Nick Wojtowycz stopped by to talk about video games, beer, and his game Majestic-12 made with his team at Exis Interactive. Check them and their super fun game out at 

This week's music:

Theme from Majestic-12

Powerglove - Hunters (Lazerhawk Remake)

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The Game Fart Episode 4: Liberty and Injustice For All

This week Dan is working in San Diego on top secret stuff, so Joe invited two friends along to step in. Joining Joe are Joe McCarthy and Tyler Block, and the trio talk about the latest news and new releases this week, as well as what we've been playing and what we are excited for. We also cover PS4 and Nintendo's strange philosophies. Send your letters to

This week's music:

Dream Academy - Life in a Northern Town

Ellie Goulding - Sweet Disposition (Temper Trap cover)

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