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This week on The Free Cheese Podcast:

Joe returns to Gotham... his town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and changes some things around since his town was still dressed up like Halloween. Marc tries to ace Hotline Miami in anticipation for the sequel. Kyle beats LEGO Marvel Super Heroes in a day and tries to stay interested in the post-game content.
We share our thoughts on The Legend of Zelda coming to Netflix and what we wish Nintendo would do instead. 
The music played during the break on this week's episode is called Home by Cory Johnson from the album Earthbound. The album consists of music inspired by and using themes from the music in EarthBound. Go have a listen and check out the album in full.
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This week on The Free Cheese Podcast:

We're playing EarthBound for our Game Club. Kyle breaks his gaming rut (hopefully) with LEGO Marvel Superheroes and a bit of the Animal Crossing: New Leaf daily grind. Marc returns to Borderlands 2 albeit briefly and then adopts a wolf in Torchlight 2. Joe completes Mother 3 and cries for hours, then rediscovers Resident Evil in the HD remake, while also exploring a bit in Metroid Prime. 
We went hands on with the New Nintendo 3DS XL and give our first impressions, then close the show with some thoughts on amiibo and why we wish we could catch them all.
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This week on The Free Cheese Podcast, Joe sits down with Marc and Kyle to discuss MAGfest and Nintendo's new console. Marc continues on his quest to complete the Kid Icarus games. Kyle professes his love for breakfast foods and his current disdain for his 3DS. Joe struggles to keep interest in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire but lets Mother 3 consume his life. 

We try to find a game for Kyle to enjoy on his 3DS and we come together to play EarthBound for our February Game Club. 

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This week on The Free Cheese Podcast:

Joe, Kyle, Marc, and newcomer Troy sit down to recap last week's Nintendo Direct after we lost part of our recording from episode 104. We discuss the death of Club Nintendo and share our hopes for what replaces it. We talk about the disappointment of Civilization: Beyond Earth and the fun of Nidhogg. We give some early impressions on the new EarthBound-inspired RPG Citizens of Earth and cave in to an uncaring Nintendo of America to enjoy Mother 3 on our own terms. Finally, we discuss the state of Pokemon and what we would do to fix the game and make it more palpable for those of us who have grown tired of the formula. 
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This week on The Free Cheese Podcast:

Joe and Marc are joined by new best friend Mike DeMarco to talk about Destiny, Kid Icarus, and Metroid among other things. We spend some time discussing the faults of the Halo 5 Beta, the joys of inexpensive eShop titles, and why Tetris Ultimate could ultimately be a little bit better. We learn about Mike's relationship with the brotherly band Hanson, why Marc didn't hate being sick, and how Joe was disappointed in Nintendo. 
We also lose half of what we recorded this week, including everything after we cut for break. We get through what we have been playing but we lost our most anticipated games of 2015 and our reactions to the latest Nintendo Direct. We'll try to recycle some of it on next week's show, but enjoy what we still have!
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This week on The Free Cheese Podcast:

We look back at our predictions for 2014 to see how well we guessed, and then we make some new predictions for 2015. Joe, Kyle, and Dan read last year's predictions from members of The Free Cheese and tally up the scores, then follow up by sharing a bit of the plans and ideas for The Free Cheese in 2015. After a break, we share our predictions for the year, including new Metroid and Pokemon games, Steambox predictions, and a lot more. We also read the predictions of our friends who couldn't be here to record, and we hope for a great 2015 in video games. 
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This week on The Free Cheese Podcast:

We decide on our choices for game of the year. Through heavy debate, oration, or in some cases the toss of a coin we voted on the best games of the year across multiple categories. Joe, Marc, Sandeep, and Kyle spend a few hours talking about the best console, soundtrack, developer, story, and of course the best game of 2014. We each stated our choice for the category in question and then had a few minutes to state our case for why we chose it, in hopes to convince the others to change their vote. 2014 was a great year for games, and we hope that we recognized the ones that deserved it most.
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This week on The Free Cheese Podcast:

Joe and Marc sit down to talk about Shovel Knight and why it is one of the greatest games of the year. We talk about playing Super Smash Bros. for Wii UBatman: Arkham OriginsPayday 2, and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker among other things. Then we share our favorite gaming moments involving Christmas, and tease a bit of what is to come for next week's Game of the Year podcast. 
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This week on The Free Cheese Podcast:

We celebrate our 100th episode of the podcast. Joe, Kyle, Sandeep, and Ako sit down to talk about our favorite memories from the podcast since our first episode. We discuss our impressions and feelings about the Video Game Awards that happened in Las Vegas the previous weekend, and what excites us coming out of that show. After Kyle heads out, we continue sharing more memories of the podcast and general friendship together. 
We follow up our Video Game Awards discussion by talking about the PlayStation Experience, also held in Las Vegas the previous weekend and share our thoughts about all of the announcements made there. We loved seeing Uncharted 4 running in real-time, as well as hearing that our friends at Yacht Club Games are bringing Shovel Knight to PlayStation platforms. 
We continue with even more memories and favorite moments, including Rage Against the Machine and Dragula, and then follow up with what we've been playing. Sandeep has been toying with BioShock on iOS, as well as a strange point-and-click game called The Cat Lady. He's also trying to overcome the sadness of not obtaining one of the beautiful 20th anniversary PlayStation 4 consoles.  Ako has completely fallen in love with his Wii U, spending a lot of time with Bayonetta Bayonetta 2, as well as Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and the obligatory Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Joe has been revisiting his favorite game of the year for this month's cover story, and has been enjoying OlliOlliHohokumVelocity 2X, and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. Additionally, he's spent time trying to learn how to love Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
Thank you if you have ever listened to this show, or told someone about the show, or told someone about the website, or have been involved with us in any way. You are the reason we exist and we love you for it. Thank you.
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This week on The Free Cheese Podcast:

We celebrate our 100th episode of the podcast. Joe, Kyle, Sandeep, and Ako sit down to talk about our favorite memories from the podcast since our first episode. We discuss our impressions and feelings about the Video Game Awards that happened in Las Vegas the previous weekend, and what excites us coming out of that show. After Kyle heads out, we continue sharing more memories of the podcast and general friendship together. 
We follow up our Video Game Awards discussion by talking about the PlayStation Experience, also held in Las Vegas the previous weekend and share our thoughts about all of the announcements made there. We loved seeing Uncharted 4 running in real-time, as well as hearing that our friends at Yacht Club Games are bringing Shovel Knight to PlayStation platforms. 
We continue with even more memories and favorite moments, including Rage Against the Machine and Dragula, and then follow up with what we've been playing. Sandeep has been toying with BioShock on iOS, as well as a strange point-and-click game called The Cat Lady. He's also trying to overcome the sadness of not obtaining one of the beautiful 20th anniversary PlayStation 4 consoles.  Ako has completely fallen in love with his Wii U, spending a lot of time with Bayonetta Bayonetta 2, as well as Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and the obligatory Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Joe has been revisiting his favorite game of the year for this month's cover story, and has been enjoying OlliOlliHohokumVelocity 2X, and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. Additionally, he's spent time trying to learn how to love Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
Thank you if you have ever listened to this show, or told someone about the show, or told someone about the website, or have been involved with us in any way. You are the reason we exist and we love you for it. Thank you.
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This week on The Free Cheese Podcast:

Join Joe, Kyle, Tyler, and for the first time in a few months Chris & Dave to talk about video games. Kyle has been antagonizing children in GTA Online once again. Chris has been spending the little free time that he has by exploring the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Dave is still grinding away in Destiny and joining Chris in Dragon Age. Tyler has been exploring PC games made in Unity in order to better teach Unity to his students. Joe tried out WWE 2K15 with Kyle to make some of his favorite people come to life and wrestle. 
Everyone has been spending some time with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and it's safe to say that we all love it. We each talk a bit about the transition from the 3DS to the Wii U, as well as our favorite stages and characters to play. 
After the break, we discuss what we would be asking Santa for this Christmas if we were small children. We run through a lot of our most wanted video game stuff for this holiday season, as well as some of the weirder ideas that we can think of. 
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This week on FourPlay:

Joe and Marc sit down to talk about video games. Marc talks about Counter-Strike ripoffs, the mundanity that is The Legend of Korra, and the insane deployability of The Binding of Isaac. Joe begins his first journey through Chrono Trigger, and tries out (and LOVES) the new Mario Kart 8 DLC. Together, we both play a bit of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS in order to prepare for the Wii U release this Friday. 
After the break, we talk about the tenth anniversary of the Nintendo DS. We share stories of our own personal journeys with the system, some history of the console, and where we see the console headed in the future. 
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This week on FourPlay:

Marc picks up the DualShock 4 to try out the port of Hotline Miami and gets excited for the sequel. Additionally, he dove into the latest creation from Edmund McMillen in the form of The Binding of Isaac Rebirth. Dan continues his time with Super Smash Bros. for 3DS as well as Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, but he joins Kyle in Grand Theft Auto Online to torment and aggravate children younger than half of his age. Joe finds time to squeeze in some gaming time in the form of Threes and Monument Valley on his phone, while dipping a bit into Mario Kart 8 in preparation for the new DLC release.
After the break, we discuss this month's cover story and we share our favorite RPGs of all time. We also announce this month's pick for our Game Club, and we'll be playing Chrono Trigger all month long.
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This week on FourPlay:

Dan discovers the fine line between Borderlands and Borderlands 2 that is Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Marc excites us all with a gorgeous pop culture filled beat 'em up called Devil's Dare. Kyle torments children in GTA Online. Tyler misses Halloween in Animal Crossing: New Leaf because he was busy playing Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, and Joe struggles to enjoy Nintendo Land
We announce our cover story for the month of November, the month of the RPG. Then we discuss our favorite moments from today's Nintendo Direct presentation and argue over the pronunciation of amiibo.


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This week on FourPlay: 

Dan plays Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and loves it just as much as he did before he played it. He becomes obsessed with Ice, and he still needs to unlock the rest of the roster in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

Kyle revisits GTA V Online one year later only to discover that everyone is a mean and horrible person, so he finds solace in the NES classic Castlevania because digital torture is more bearable than emotional pain. He also decides on a tattoo to get put permanently on his body in the worst place imaginable.

Joe finishes EarthBound and it changes his view on life forever. The way that the game reaches its resolution and the way that the story was told has set the new standard for him in storytelling, but he'll never convince anyone because they're more interested in the sounds of farts. 

Finally, we discuss the recent Nintendo Direct that focused on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and our favorite highlights from the presentation, ultimately leading us to discuss who would make great additions to the roster outside of our previous wishes.

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This week Joe & Marc are joined by Tyler to talk about Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and how this game just keeps getting better and better. Then, we talk about the demise of survival horror and what truly defines that genre (and why we aren't scared of anything anymore. Finally, we talk about Tyler's first experience with EarthBound and sing a lot of Yoshi songs. 

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FourPlay Episode 42: We Cover It

In this week's episode, we hear from Marc about his final thoughts on Super Smash Bros. for 3DS just before his review is published, Dan begins his journey into Dracula's Castle in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for our monthly Game Club, while Kyle is still trying to figure out his way to the top of the castle in the original Castlevania and watching his Marill die in Pokemon Emerald. Finally, Joe isn't scared of The Evil Within but he hopes to be soon enough.

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FourPlay Episode 41: Collector's Edition

Sometimes we say that "This is our best episode ever," but I think that seriously, this might be our best episode ever. Ever.

We begin the show by detailing what we've been playing and a lot of it is Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. We share some impressions on the game including our favorite characters and we ask why Kyle hasn't bought it yet. We learn a bit about Kyle's experiences with starting a town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf from scratch and what it's like to revisit the Game Boy Advance so long after its initial release. Joe returns to Earthbound after a little break and realizes how beautiful the game is within its smallest details.

The bulk of this week's show revolves around the question of the week, where we each take a turn sharing our most wanted "Collector's Edition" that would include the history of a game franchise compiled into one compilation. We go through painstaking detail to include what physical items would come with the set, how the games should be formatted, and just what we would spend on each one.

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This week on FourPlay Marc, Joe and Dan talk about Hyrule Warriors and how it compares to Dynasty Warriors. We discuss a little about Animal Crossing and Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. Dan likes Destiny a whole lot more, and Borderlands for PS Vita a whole lot less. Joe got fed up watching Kyle struggle in Castlevania that he had to play through the game himself to remember that it isn't that difficult. 

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FourPlay Episode 39: The Game Fart Episode 1?

When the normal gang is unable to make it to the podcast, Joe and Dan take it back to their roots to talk about what they've been playing since last week. Dan's continued stay in the world of Destiny leads him to play some more Borderlands 2, but he also spends some time methodically playing The Wolf Among Us. Joe gives up on Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance to dive into Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, and he gives you his weekly Animal Crossing: New Leaf update.

They also discuss what they're looking for in the new Super Smash Bros. and why the Wii U has become a must own system. 

Enjoy this walk back in time with The Free Cheese's original duo.

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FourPlay Episode 38: The Grilled Cheese Arcade Buffet is Our Destiny!

This week on FourPlay, we dive right in and talk about the problems that lie within Bungie's Destiny, but why Dan and Dave are still keen on playing the game. We share our thoughts and experiences with the Super Smash Bros. demo for 3DS, and we give our answers to the question of the week surrounding HD remakes for Nintendo games. 


We also fire off some lightning round questions and present a new business idea for a grilled cheese buffet and arcade combo. If you like video games and nonsense, you should give this episode your attention.


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FourPlay Episode 37: Reductionist... Reductionary... Reductive!

During another thrilling episode of FourPlay, you can hear us discuss Velocity 2X, Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, The Walking Dead, and The Last of Us. We also take a moment to reflect on the 15th anniversary of the Sega Dreamcast, leading us to discuss gaming's odd console endeavors and underdogs. 

Join Joe Dix, Marc Augustyniak, Tyler Block, and Kyle Muehlberger as they yell over dogs, discover the English language, and communicate through the sounds of the Mudokon. 

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FourPlay Episode 36: Miyamoto Says

This week on the show, Joe and Marc reconvene to discuss the difference between childhood and adulthood gaming, taking into consideration the advent of the internet to spoil everything before its release, as well as the availability of information and of games. 

Marc shares his experience with a game called Contagion, the successor to Zombie Panic Source. He also reminds Joe that Halloween in Animal Crossing is on its way, but not before sharing his experience with P.T.

Joe immediately fell back into Mario Kart 8 after the new DLC announcements, and holding the Wii U GamePad led him to explore the challenge modes in Pikmin 3. 

Both Marc and Joe close the book on what was Metroid II: Return of Samus, and they share their thoughts on the future of Nintendo and the new 3DS.

We also ask the question of the week: What would you name the next Nintendo home console?

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This is where Marc, Kyle, and Joe gather to discuss what has been going on with each of their lives and which states they have been traveling to. We also discuss Marc's continuing journey through the history of The Legend of Zelda, Kyle's reemergence into The Last of Us, and Joe's discovery of "Castle B" in Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance.

Then, the trio discusses Konami's P.T., or "Playable Teaser." We cover everything from what the demo is to what it does well and where it could use some tweaking. Finally, discussion turns to survival horror as a whole and what defines "scary." We share personal horror stories and creepy happenings in our lives, before ultimately deciding that nothing is scary. 

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FourPlay Episode 34: Game Boy Memories

This week on FourPlay, Marc goes for the second quest in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Dan gets bored in Puppeteer, Tyler tries to find the heart in Valiant Hearts, and Joe tries to memorize combos as he falls back in love with Injustice: Gods Among Us. 

Everyone laments the experience of Metroid II: Return of Samus but find solace in exploring what could come of a Lord of the Rings fighting game. 

Finally, everyone shares their Game Boy memories and Tyler is asked to climb in the back of Ako's dad's van. 

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FourPlay Episode 33: Listen to Our Podcast Because I Don't Know!

This week, Dan explores the Game Boy Advance library and relearns how to play Advance Wars 2. Chris plays a lot of Rogue Legacy, or "the Dark Souls of Vita games." Dave joins Kyle and Joe to discover Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know! via PlayStation Now.

Topic of the week leads into discussion about the recent string of HD remakes or "Definitive" editions of games. 

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FourPlay Episode 32: It's So Good

This week on FourPlay, Marc plays Smash Flash, Dave journeys into Dark Souls II again, Kyle continues to Nuzlocke, and Joe falls back in love with The Last of Us- now on PS4. 

Then, a ten question lightning round ensues that stretches the history of gaming.

The topic of the week was based on our cover story this week "...And We Never Heard From Them Again," so we talked about the loss of local multiplayer. 

Finally, we give a sneak peek into the first monthly game club and talked about the addition of forums to the website. Sign up today!

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FourPlay Episode 31: Rad, Rad, Rad

This week on FourPlay we wish our good friend Ako a super rad birthday. Dave tries to get better at Mario Kart 8 while drifting through Drifter. Marc feels inspired by our recent string of articles to go revisit Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Battletoads. Chris dies in Dark Souls II's new DLC and revives himself inside of Divinity: Original Sin. Kyle slowly falls in love with Samus Aran and then discovers Steam. Dan continues exploring the beauty that is Final Fantasy X in HD amidst his mansion exploring as Mario's younger brother. Joe tests out his new Game Boy Micro and then tries out Oddworld to see just how New 'n' Tasty it is. Finally, everyone talks about the future of The Legend of Zelda and the history of the console wars.

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FourPlay Episode 30: Super Smash Bros.

This week on FourPlay, we discuss our recent trip to the arcade amidst a week's worth of playing games. Then, we spend the rest of the episode talking about Super Smash Bros. and why we are excited for the new games, who we want to see added to the roster, and so much more. 

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FourPlay Episode 29: Andy Hull & More Shovel Knight

This week on FourPlay: Dave continues his adventures in Skyrim with the first set of DLC, Chris and Joe argue about Shovel Knight's difficulty, and Kyle feels indifferent toward Sly Cooper 4. Chris plays a little BlazBlue to keep his sanity and Joe tries out Insomniac's free-to-play iOS game Outernauts. 

Kyle, Dan, and Joe talk to Andy Hull about programming Spelunky, moving to Baltimore, and his next project.

Finally, Joe, Dave, and Chris discuss some new features for the website while Kyle plays Shovel Knight live.

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FourPlay Episode 28: Shovel Knight on Mars

There is a lot crammed into this week's show. Marc gets addicted to the Pokémon online card game, Chris and Joe fall in absolute love with Yacht Club Games' Shovel Knight, and Kyle and Joe talk about their trip to Mohawk Games to try out their debut title: Offworld Trading Company. 

There's a new segment introduced called "What's In Daddy's Mouth?" and everyone is sorry about that, but you can join in on the fun!

Finally, there is discussion about the best games of the year so far and what the crew thinks will be the best games by the end of the year, along with favorites from each member.

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FourPlay Episode 27: Yelling & Offending Everyone

This week Joe teases his time with Yacht Club Games and their debut title Shovel Knight. Everyone except Dan shares fond memories of Animal Crossing: New Leaf and attempted murder of villagers. Dan tries to stay alive in Don't Starve and learns to love Transistor. Chris and Dave fight each other and then team up in Donkey Kong. Chris doesn't play Pikmin 3 but Dave beats Skyrim, then Kyle beats Dave for ruining the ending. Marc and Dave played Monaco after Marc played Tiny & Big and Delver. Finally, Joe marvels at the new Resogun updates, plays another Metroid game and everyone talks about SUPER MARIO TWINS, that classic game series. 

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FourPlay Episode 26: New Website & E3 Aftermath

We have totally redesigned thefreecheesedotcom and that means the podcast is getting a makeover as well. Starting with this episode, we are ditching the news segment and adding some new features. We will start every episode with a conversation about what we have been playing, answer some lightning round questions, then wrap up with a topic of the week. This week we discussed our overall feelings and reactions to E3 2014 and we each named our favorite game from the show. We also talked about the Destiny Alpha, Ultra Street Fighter IV, hands on impressions from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS, and a lot more. 

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FourPlay Nintendo E3 Reactions

FourPlay gathers to discuss Nintendo's Digital Event at E3 2014. We forget about the fact that Metroid didn't get announced but we are elated over the announcement of Zelda for Wii U, Mario Maker, Yoshi's Woolly World, and the upcoming amiibo figurines. We go over everything that Nintendo talked about and showed off, and decide whether or not Nintendo won E3 (they did, no matter what anyone says...).

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FourPlay E3 Day 2

FourPlay tries to recover from Day 1 of E3 and discusses what they expect out of Nintendo's Digital Event.

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FourPlay Sony E3 Reactions

FourPlay gathers to discuss the PlayStation E3 2014 press conference. We get excited for Batman: Arkham Knight, The Order: 1886, Uncharted 4: A Theif's End, and the Vita TV but we wonder where some of the other games were and why Brian Michael Bendis was on stage for so long. 

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FourPlay Ubisoft E3 Reactions

FourPlay reacts to what Ubisoft had to show during their E3 2014 press conference, including Far Cry 4, The Crew, Valiant Hearts, The Division, and Rainbow Six Siege. Not all was well however, as there was not so much as a peep about Tetris Ultimate...

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FourPlay reacts to EA's E3 2014 press conference with a lot of disappointment after nothing new was really shown off. NHL 15 looks dope though... right?

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FourPlay Microsoft E3 Reactions

FourPlay reacts to Microsoft's E3 2014 press conference where Microsoft unveiled Crackdown, Forza Horizon 2, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and more. 

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FourPlay E3 Pre-Show

The members of FourPlay podcast gather to discuss their thoughts going into E3 just before the first press conference kicks off. They talk about what they expect and what they are excited for throughout the day.

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FourPlay Episode 25: Pre-E3 Announcements and Predictions

This week on FourPlay Joe is joined by Dan, Kyle, Chris, and Dave to discuss their favorite memories from E3 since they have been watching it. Next, they discuss what they are excited to see out of E3 2014 and their most anticipated games. Finally, they each lay out five predictions for what they hope might happen during the show.

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FourPlay Episode 24: Rub Your Watch_Dogs on My Wolfenstein

This week on FourPlay, join Joe, Chris, Kyle, and Dan as they discuss E3 leaks, Pokemon, Watch_Dogs, Lego Batman 3, and the new Mortal Kombat. They discuss more delays into 2015, NFC figurines for Smash Bros. Wii U, and E3 coming to a theater near you. Finally, they each talk what they've been playing from Borderlands 2 to Pokemon to Earthbound to Wolfenstein. Also, each member discusses their favorite game that never got a sequel.

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FourPlay Episode 23: Is PS4 Winning?

This week in video games: Joe, Dan, Dave, and Chris gather to discuss Far Cry 4, The Division, 3DS' disappearance, and Halo 5. We discuss just why Sony has been so successful with the PS4 and why Nintendo and Microsoft aren't where they used to be, then we hear Chris' thoughts on last week's question of the week. We close the show by discussing what we've been playing: Bound by Flame, Borderlands 2, Pokemon Fire Red, Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and more. 

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FourPlay Episode 22: Fixing Nintendo and Trophies

This week Joe, Dave, Dan, and Kyle get together to share their ideas on how exactly Nintendo can save the Wii U and how developers can better implement trophy and achievement systems into their games. But first we talk about the Kinectless Xbox One, the future of Square Enix, and Nintendo's Skylanders game. We wrap up the show with a quick briefing on what we have been playing and ask you a question for next week.

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FourPlay Episode 21: Pokemon and Remakes

This week on FourPlay- Joe, Chris, Kyle and Tyler hang out to discuss Project BEAST, Amplitude on PS4, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes, and more. We discuss why we play games, and answer the question: "What game would you like to see remade and by which developer would you like it to be remade by?" We then share what we've been playing from Blek to Hotline Miami to MLB '14: The Show to Super Metroid and SportsFriends. 

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FourPlay Episode 20: The PS4 Has So Many Games

After skipping a week, Joe, Dave, and Chris have way too much to talk about. We cover everything about Mario Kart 8, Nintendo's E3 plans, Alien: Isolation, PS4 Firmware 1.70, #DRIVECLUB, and Injustice 2 rumors. Then we go over what you should buy on the Golden Week Sale, and rave about all of the new games that are coming to PS4 within the next year. We discuss what we've been playing: Chris' Bizarre Adventures in Conception II, Dave's co-op Towerfall nightmares combined with Skyrim, and Joe falls back in love with his Vita just in time for the month of Vita. We close out the show with our answers to the Question of the Week: "Should Nintendo Buy Megaman?" and we ask you a new question for next week.

Direct download: FourPlay_Episode_20.1.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 9:15pm EST

This week marks the 20th episode of FourPlay since we've started! Guess what? We forgot to record it because we had too much fun livestreaming PS4 games and eating pizza. Instead, please enjoy a throwback episode to Dave's old show "Casters of the Universe," where he and Chris chat with Joe about Bioshock: Infinite, The Last of Us, Soviet Literature, boy piercing, and so much more. Also included: the early stages of our conversations about thefreecheesedotcom where Joe talked about his future plans that would eventually become the website that we all work on now! We'll be back next week with a regular FourPlay, but until then enjoy this throwback show and get excited for whatever Dave has coming next...

Direct download: FourPlay_Bonus_Ep.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 2:57am EST

FourPlay Episode 19: Kiss From A Rose

In a rather hurried and shorter episode this week, Joe, Chris, Dave, Kyle, and special guest Tyler get together to discuss Tomadochi Life, Final Fantasy XIV, the excavation of a gaming myth, and Shaq impressions. Then we discuss last week's question of the week, and share our memories of misplaced nostalgia. We close out the show with what we've been playing from Conception II, Pokemon Ruby, Gran Turismo 6, Steamworld Dig, and more!

Direct download: FourPlay_Episode_19.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 11:29pm EST

This week Joe, Dave, Chris, Kyle, and Dan discuss Amy Hennig working on Star Wars, Adam Sessler, and new Mario games. We go over our reactions to everything Smash Bros. from this week's Nintendo Direct, and then a listener writes in to hear our thoughts on a certain Street Fighter II theme...

We cover what we've played from Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Pt. 2 to Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed to Dark Souls II, Mercenary Kings, Luftrausers and Olli Olli. Dan poses the question "What about your favorite game makes it your favorite game?" Kyle gets lucky in a race car bed, and we ask you a new question for next week.

Oh what a great show we had this week, please enjoy!

Direct download: FourPlay_Episode_18.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 11:02pm EST

FourPlay Episode 17: April Fools at Brown's Daycare

The entire FourPlay cast is here to talk about Phil Spencer running Xbox, Oddworld definitely having a home on the Wii U, the Amazon non-console-console box, changing your PSN username, and updates to inFamous Second Son. We also give you the week's new releases, answer last week's question of the week, and then discuss what we've all been playing- including Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Pt. 2, Dark Souls II, inFamous Second Son, South Park: The Stick of Truth, and Luftrausers!

Direct download: FourPlay_Episode_17.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 3:46pm EST

inFamous: Second Son was released on March 21, 2014 for the PS4. With two weeks behind us, we've finished the game and wanted to sit down and talk about it. Joe is joined by FourPlay regular Chris and guests Tyler Gibson and Joseph Bulls to discuss everything they loved and loved not so much about Sucker Punch's latest entry in the inFamous series. Seriously, where is Cole? 

Direct download: Infamous_Second_Son_Spoilercast.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 3:24pm EST

FourPlay Episode 16: Amazing Spider-Man 2 FULL MOVIE HD LEAK

This week Joe, Dan and Sandeep gather around and wait for Dave to arrive while they discuss Koji Igarashi making Metroid, PS4 firmware updates, Unity on Wii U, and Far Cry 4. We answer last week's question of the week and then talk a lot about South Park: The Stick of Truth, inFamous: Second Son, Sandeep's Book Club, and then Dan sells us all a copy of Little Inferno! Will Dave ever show up? Tune in to find out! Thanks Dave!

Direct download: FourPlay_Episode_16.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 9:14pm EST

FourPlay Episode 15: Bible RPG

This week on FourPlay Joe, Chris, Kyle, and Dave discuss Watch_Dogs alleged gameplay time, another Microsoft employee leaving, Sony's new Virtual Reality headset, and Koji Igarashi's departure from Konami. Then we discuss our answers from the question of the week two weeks ago and what we've been playing including Dark Souls II, Wind Waker HD, and of course South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Direct download: FourPlay_Episode_15.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 9:47pm EST

FourPlay Episode 14: Mostly South Park: The Stick of Truth...Mostly...

This week on FourPlay, Joe and Kyle run through the news, discussing The Last of Us movie, Jack Tretton leaving Playstation, Guacamelee coming to new consoles, Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition, and more. After a quick run through of this week's new releases, Dan joins to discuss Titanfall, Loadout, Tomb Raider, Pikmin 3, and of course South Park: The Stick of Truth

Direct download: FourPlay_Episode_14.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 9:52pm EST

FourPlay Episode 13: Batman The Stick of Arkham

After somewhat of a forced hiatus Joe, Kyle, Dave, and Chris are back to discuss the PS4 sales numbers, Twitch Plays Pokemon, the Xbox One March update, and the announcement of Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Knight. In a roundtable "what we've been playing," Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Outlast, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, Batman: Arkham Origins, The Last of Us: Left Behind, and South Park: The Stick of Truth are discussed. 

Welcome back!

Direct download: FourPlay_Episode_13.1.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 11:50pm EST

The videogame podcast for the week of 01/27/14.

Direct download: FourPlay_Episode_13.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 11:50pm EST

After a snowstorm disrupted the normal recording time, Joe finally sits down with Kyle and two special guests, Sandeep and Joseph, to discuss Nintendo's financial turnaround, new Tetris, HBO Go, and the Amazing Spider-Man 2 The Video Game. We put Kyle's predictions on hold and instead take another look at previous predictions to champion or damn them. Finally, we close out with what we have been playing and what we are looking forward to in the coming months. 

Direct download: FourPlay_Episode_11.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 3:57pm EST

After some breaking news in the comic book world, Joe and Kyle decide that they need to dedicate a mini-episode to talking Peter Parker's return, Wally West's debut in the New 52, the delay of Superman/Batman and more. Please enjoy this weird two-man show that focuses on the comic book stories from the week.

Direct download: FourPlay_Comics_Special.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 4:48pm EST

This week on FourPlay: Joe, Dan, Chris, Dave and Nostragamus himself- Ako, discuss an all digital Vita, Playstation NOW, Grindr, 3DS lifetime sales, and the new releases for the week. We close out the show with our annual predictions, and one by one we each take a guess at what 2014 in gaming will look like. 

Direct download: FourPlay_Episode_10.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 10:49pm EST

This week with light news Joe, Dave, Kyle, and Dan recap the latest Nintendo Direct presentation and discuss what they are excited for coming out of 2014 including "Zelda Warriors," Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, and Kirby Triple Deluxe. Conversation turns toward the state of the Wii U and the potential of purchase in 2014, followed by what we have all been playing from Batman: Arkham Origins to Sine Mora to Killzone 3 to Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Enjoy the show and Happy New Year! Keep your babies dry!

Direct download: FourPlay_Episode_9.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 12:11am EST

This week with barely any news to talk about, Joe, Dave, Chris, and Kyle discuss YouTube monetization, Nintendo Direct hopes and dreams, and Dyad. Dave reviews The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Chris scores high after a corrupted save in NBA2K14, and Kyle loses a fishing tournament in Animal Crossing. The Playstation Move, Sports Friends, and Miiverse's super friendly community are also discussed. Enjoy!

Direct download: FourPlay_Episode_8.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 12:20am EST

This week we discuss announcements and nonsense at the VGX show, Super Smash Bros in Spring 2014, and the Miiverse coming to 3DS. Chris just bought Animal Crossing, which leads us to the absurd dealings of Tom Nook and catching sea shells. Joe laments the poor performance of his teammates in NBA 2K14 and Kyle threatens suicide while playing Hotline Miami. Finally, Dave thinks The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is the best game this year and Chris is lukewarm on the Xbox One. 

Direct download: FourPlay_Episode_7.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 12:28am EST

We discuss a playable Cranky Kong in Donkey Kong Country, the sales of the PS4 and PS Vita TV, and the relevancy of Nintendo in a new generation of consoles. Then Kyle updates us on his Nuzlocke journey, Chris and Dave destroy Knack on PS4, Chris really enjoys Assassin's Creed IV, and Dave buys a 2DS for A Link Between Worlds and Animal Crossing. Joe laments over failure in Spelunky but rejoices in the fun that was had on a late night Cloudberry Kingdom session. Finally, we discuss why you should or should not buy a PS4 or an Xbox One. 

Oh, and Uncle Donna stops by...

Direct download: FourPlay_Episode_6.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 11:53pm EST

We discuss Crash Bandicoot's return to Sony, Spelunky daily challenges, Persona Persona Persona, Twitch boobs, Gravy Fries, Bully 2, and the Pokemon Bank. Kyle continues on his adventures in the Nuzlocke challenge, Dan's PS4 is DOA so he spends time catching creatures, Dave can't get enough of the bullethell shooter Sine Mora, and Joe falls in love with Tearaway. 

Direct download: FourPlay_Episode_5.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 11:42pm EST

This week Joe, Chris, Kyle, and Dave discuss Nintendo's new integrated network, Kojima's "mind-blowing" reveal, the possibility of Fallout 4, and our first experiences with the Playstation 4. Dave reminisces on Naughty Dog's Uncharted 3, while Kyle becomes Nicholas Cage trying to unravel the secrets within Naughty Dog's new Uncharted teaser for PS4. Chris and Joe discuss their latest reviews on the Batman titles, Kyle details his experience with the Nuzlocke challenge in Pokemon and then everyone gives an answer to which comic book series Telltale should tackle next. 

Direct download: FourPlay_Episode_4.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 3:55am EST

ThreePlay? Sure, why not? Joe, Dan, and Kyle discuss the Nintendo Virtual Console, Day One patches on new consoles, new additions to Final Fantasy X/X2, and Microsoft selling Xbox. Dan shares his top ten games of this generation, then we discuss the question of the week and shout out ideas for video games crossing streams. Dan has a one handed clap and Kyle reveals his true artistic nature. 

Direct download: FourPlay_Episode_3.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 1:30pm EST

This week on FourPlay: SwapNote porn, the Wii Mini, new event Pokemon leaks, South Park delays, and corrupted Batman saves are discussed. Also, the Call of Duty: Ghosts developers state that the PS4 is superior to the Xbox One and we discuss it. Then, we talk about what we have been playing, from Pokemon X and Y to Arkham Origins Blackgate, and Uncharted 3 to Tales of Xilia. Finally, we unveil our personal top ten video games from this generation as we prepare to celebrate the dawn of the next. This week's panel: Joe Dix, Dave Duvall, Chris Taylor, and Kyle Muehlberger.

Direct download: FourPlay_Episode_2.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 1:12am EST

FourPlay Episode 1: Shiny and New

Hello and welcome to the premiere episode of FourPlay. This episode covers Telltale's The Walking Dead Season Two, Club Nintendo rewards, Bioshock Infinite DLC, Zelda themed 3DS XL's, and GTA V's record breaking sales. Then we discuss Pokemon X and Y fatigue and infatuation, Poker Night 2 addictions, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate impressions, Street Passing on the 3DS, the terror of Device 6 and more. Finally, we give you the first impressions of the Dualshock 4, Playstation 4's new controller. Starring Joe Dix, Dave Duvall, Kyle Muehlberger, Sandeep Jandu, and introducing Chris Taylor. 

Direct download: FourPlay_Episode_1.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 4:22am EST

It is Episode 50 of The Game Fart and we give you the best show that we have ever done. We briefly cover some news and new releases for the week and then we get into the fun. Kyle tells us about amputees and deaf people and the rest of us reflect on the past year recording The Game Fart. We hear from friend of the show, Dave Duvall, about his adventures with The Game Fart and we tease a bit about what is coming next. Finally, we tell you about what comes after The Game Fart Episode 50, and oh boy, do we have a lot in store. Thank you so much for all of your support since last October, we look forward to many more years to come and many more years of podcasts. 

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_50.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 1:25am EST

This week on The Game Fart we cover Watch_Dogs delays, PS4 release, GTA Online free money, Animal Crossing, New Super Luigi U, and Gary's Mod. Then we journey to Kalos as we talk all about Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Please to enjoy!

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_49.mp3
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The Game Fart Episode 48: Catching Pokemon in GTA Online

This week is a quick rundown of the news, including the delayed PS3, Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition, TellTale Games' The Wolf Among Us, and the Sleeping Dogs sequel. Then, Shawn joins us to discuss our GTA Online interactions with ChinotheKid and all of the fun we have had, and we close out discussing our excitement for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. 

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_48.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 9:58pm EST

This week after our normal discussion of news and happenings in the world of video games we sit down with Dorian Newcomb to talk about his career in the video game industry. Dorian tells us about his work on Civilization IV and his role as Art Director on Civilization V, as well as his time at Zynga. He almost created Farmville and iPod gaming years before anyone else could, and he provides his insight on where the industry is now, as well as where he hopes it is heading. Dorian shares further insight on the development of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and why businessmen aren't so bad after all. Strap yourself in and enjoy this supersized episode!

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_47.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 2:18am EST

This week on the show: Joe, Dan, Kyle, and Dave bring you the latest news on the PS4, Steam Hardware, Metroid games, Xbox One Indies, and South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Then we cover what we've been playing which is a lot of GTA V, but a few surprises along the way. Dave bought a PS3 and Joe bought a 3DS! The world explodes as Kyle doesn't! You are to listen!

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_46.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 1:05am EST

This week on the show, Joe, Tyler, Kyle, and Dan discuss grandparents losing their minds, stupid children, and Ashton Kutcher's new biopic. We cover Sony announcements out of TGS, Wii Sports Updates, the death of a massive force in video game history, and GTA V, GTA V, GTA V, GTA V, Spelunky, GTA V, GTA V, GTA V. Kyle learns that he is Jewish, the podcast crashes, and we all laugh a lot. Please to enjoy!

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_45.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 10:32pm EST

This week we go back to the beginning. It's just Dan and Joe doing the show like it's episode one- except better. We forget how old we are, discuss bush, and get caught up on each other's lives. Then we talk about Spider-Man on Vita, GTA V, PS Vita TV, and Super Smash Bros. Then we talk about why the PS4 will win next generation and talk about this week's new releases and what we have ben playing lately. 

Come get weird with us.

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_44.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 3:01am EST

This week on the show Joe is joined by Kyle, Tyler, and Sandeep. Joe is allergic to his new puppy and is exhausted from moving and school, but Tyler, Sandeep and Kyle save the show as we discuss Mighty No. 9, Metal Gear Solid V, and Luis Guzman! Enjoy this short episode and stay tuned for more to come! 

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_43.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 8:40pm EST

This week on The Game Fart Joe is joined by Tyler, Dave, and new best friend to the show Kyle to tell you the latest about Nintendo's shortcomings. Why buy a 3DS when you can play your 3D games in 2D?! Also, the Wii U gets a price cut and no one cares, The Last of Us received a hefty update, and children go bad with weapons and lemonade. Listen in to find out!

We wrap up the show discussing Ben Affleck as Batman and ramble on for a while about superheroes. Please to Enjoy!

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_42.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 2:06am EST

This week on The Game Fart, Joe and Sandeep get sad about growing up and stupid responsibilities, but save the day by telling you all about Sony at Gamescom. We talk about the Vita and the millions of games coming to the platform, including Futurlab's Velocity 2X, Rogue Legacy, and Hotline Miami 2. We also discuss the future of the PS3 and what is coming up on PS4, as well as a Watch_Dogs movie and what we think of Watch_Dogs. We tell you the latest releases for the week and what we've been sort of playing, and then close the show out with a conversation about seminal games that we missed out on during our childhoods. Please to Enjoy!

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_41.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 12:39am EST

This week, we talk about the first consoles we ever purchased, Gamescom, and our thoughts on Game of the Year so far. We also discussed parkour obstacle courses, things that MegaMewtwo might say, changes to the Xbox One, the failure of the Wii U, Metroid fan-films, Arkham Origins Collector's Editions, and Disney Infinity. Dan shares his stories from Otakon, Dave talks about drunk Christmas, and Tyler and Joe get angry or confused or sad or excited about Injustice: Gods Among Us (again). This might be the best two hours that you ever spend listening to anything ever. 

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_40.mp3
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The Game Fart Episode 39: Satisfication

This week on The Game Fart, Joe and Jose talk about Bioshock Infinite's Burial at Sea, Multiplayer in Arkham Origins, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC, and the ending of Assassin's Creed. Then Sandeep joins in for the second half of the show and we talk about what we've been playing, including Dragon's Crown, World of Tanks, and more. We talk about watching "Let's Play" videos instead of playing a game and we fizzle out to some sort of ending. Please to Enjoy!

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_39.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 10:56pm EST

This week Joe and Tyler are joined by long-time listener Jose Bulls to talk about Tearaway, Fez II, Ps4 & Xbox One, as well as new gigantic bluray discs. We also cover Ubisoft's The Crew, Nintendo trademarks, and new releases for the week. Tyler leaves early and Joe and Jose talk about what they've been playing and what they are looking forward to most this year, including: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, Velocity Ultra, Assassin's Creed IV, and of course Tearaway. Please to Enjoy!

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_38.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 11:40pm EST

This week on The Game Fart, Joe and Joe talk about the recently announced Superman/Batman movie coming in 2015. Other topics covered include Rockstar's Agent, The Last of Us topping the sales charts, the 850 page script for South Park: The Stick of Truth, and the black 3DS XL finally coming to North America. 

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_37.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 11:24pm EST

This week on The Game Fart: Joe, Tyler, and Sandeep discuss abandoned podcasts, octopus chips, igloos, being in fights, Die Hard, and Craigslist hookups. Tyler gets ripped off by Newegg and we talk about everything else from Ultra Street Fighter IV to Martian Manhunter to the 30th Birthday of Famicom and magic! Join the billions of people that download this every day.

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_036.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 4:59am EST

It's a crowded week on the show. Join Joe, Dan, Sandeep, and Horatiu for the weekly news and new releases, and Horatiu tells us all about his new comic 51 Serif St. Tyler joins in on the fun in the second half of the podcast as we discuss our personal favorite games of all time. It's a whirlwind of nostalgia, laughter, and yelling as we each countdown our top five video games in history. We also talk about what makes a game special to each of us and discuss naked Kinect.

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_35.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 1:44am EST

This week Joe is joined by Tyler and Sandeep to talk about Sega and Nintendo. We also discuss why Gran Turismo is so popular but so difficult, old school Sony, why the PS Move is and will always be a failure, and get excited over new cell phones. We wonder why the Sega Dreamcast failed and whether or not Sega will ever put out a new console. Also, Sandeep tells us a story about being trapped under a tv and Tyler sings us some songs! Please to enjoy and go visit


Chuck Mangione - Feels So Good

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_34.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 2:29am EST

If you came here for video games, stay and listen to us discuss DC's latest hero on film. Joe is joined by Joe McCarthy and Tyler Block to talk about Man of Steel. We argue over why the movie was good, bad, boring, and fun. We pick apart the characters in the story and the overall direction of the film. We compare it to Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy and then guess at where Man of Steel and DC on film goes from here.

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_33.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 11:07pm EST

It's after E3 and all of the big announcements have been made. This week calls back to Episode 4 with the return of Joe McCarthy. Joe, Joe and our favorite guest, Tyler Block talk about what E3 announcements excited us the most. We also discuss Injustice: Gods Among Us and which characters we want to see next. Joe tells you why The Last of Us is the greatest game on PS3 (don't worry, no spoilers). Tyler tells us his reactions to Bioshock Infinite and why he is scared of Columbia. We close out the show talking about our favorite games from E3 and what we can't wait to get our hands on. 

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_32.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 10:41pm EST

This week marks our first annual E3 predictions, where we try to guess what surprises await us next week at the big show. Joe, Dan, and Tyler talk about E3, South Park: The Stick of Truth, New PS4 games, Mortal Kombat characters in Injustice: Gods Among Us, and continue our conversation from last week about 3DS vs. PS Vita. We wrap the show with our predictions for next week, and hope that most of them actually happen. 

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_31.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 2:42pm EST

This week, Joe and Tyler talk about which handheld console is a better buy, the Nintendo 3DS or the Playstation Vita. We run through the design of the hardware, the price, the gimmicks, and of course the games. Tyler has been struggling between which of the two to purchase, so we set out to weigh the differences and help him decide. Which one will he choose? Listen to find out! 

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_30.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 10:34pm EST

This week on the show, Joe, Dan, Tyler and Pat talk about the next generation in gaming. We discuss the new consoles and try to figure out where they all fit, including Nintendo's Wii U. We try to figure out what a gaming console should be and find out if Missy Elliot is still alive. We pick our favorite of the consoles and argue why the others should still exist. We also cover Gran Turismo 6, Scribblenauts: Unmasked, The Great Gatsby, online passes, SEGA, and Star Trek. Sit back and relax, and enjoy the show. Podcast: ON!

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_29.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 2:32am EST

Joe, Dan, and Sandeep get together this week to discuss what they've been up to. Including concerts, job interviews, and school! It was thrilling, but then we go into what we've been playing and the latest news in video games. Topics include Nintendo, GTA V, Injustice, Plants vs. Zombies 2, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and new Star Wars games. Please to enjoy!

This week's music in order of appearance:

Neutral Milk Hotel: King of Carrot Flowers

Ashley Eriksson - The Island Song

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_28.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 10:18pm EST

Hey kids! Joe, Dan, and Dave get together to talk about some terrible life choices, clone etiquette, raising money to become a superhero, and of course videogames. We talk about the next Xbox, difficulty in video games, question what Nintendo is up to, and wonder why the world hasn't accepted the PS Vita. We close out the show with the age old question, "What have you been playing?" and discuss the likes of Dark Souls, Injustice, Patapon 2, Castlevania, and more. Enjoy!

This week's music pulled from a castle far, far away.

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_27.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 2:05am EST

This week on The Game Fart, we discuss the state of the PSN, wonder what the hell is going on with Nintendo (again), and guess at what multiplayer in a Batman game could be. Then we talk about what we've been playing, including Guacamelee!, Dragon Fantasy Book 1, Company of Heroes 2, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and Sound Shapes. As always, there's so much more inside. Listen and enjoy!

This week's music in order of appearance:

Minus the Bear - Pachuca Sunrise

The Receiving End of Sirens - Dead Men Tell No Tales

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_26.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 10:09pm EST

This episode of The Game Fart, Dan and Joe talk all things Bioshock Infinite, from gameplay to themes to story to everything! This is a full spoiler show, so do not listen to it if you have not finished Bioshock Infinite. If you have, then listen and enjoy! 

Direct download: The_Game_Fart-Bioshock_Infinite_Spoilercast.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 10:04pm EST

This week on the show, Joe and Dan discuss weird neighbors, Disney owning everything, real life comic books, and video games! Topics included HD remakes of classics from our childhood, PS4, telling people to "deal with it", middle-tier development, and making our own video game. Please to Enjoy!

This week's music in order of appearance:

AFI - The Boy Who Destroyed the World

Scroobius Pip vs. Dan Le Sac - Thou Shalt Always Kill

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_25.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 11:21pm EST

Hey there listener! You're in for quite a treat this week. Dan and Joe cover the latest and greatest in video game news, releases, and rumors. This week's topics included Evil Dead, crows making cats fight, XCOM, Scottish accents, real vampires, ghosts, Tearaway, demon screams, E3, the beach, Dishonored DLC, Daenerys Targaryen's boobs, Injustice Gods Among Us, and so much more. Please to Enjoy!

This week's music in order of appearance:

Tegan and Sara - Closer

He is Legend - Party Time!

Queen - The Show Must Go On

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_24.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 4:43am EST

This week on The Game Fart:

Joe and Dan are back after what feels like a month. We cover Green Lantern fetishes, what it's like to look like a creep, shipping nightmares, and the terror of spending money on arbitrary consultation fees! Then we went over the news in video games this week, as well as the weeks new releases. We teased a bit of next week's releases and what we are most excited for. We wrap up with a discussion of Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite, and a bit of Patapon (finally!). Please to Enjoy!!!

This week's music in order of appearance:

Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_22.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 10:01pm EST

This week on the show, Joe and Dan commiserate over life and its annoying little things. Then they talk about the news you want to hear! Nintendo troubles, SimCity's explosions, the problem with "beta", Injustice, Year Walk, the Vita winning, and more! The show continues with some comic book chats, what is currently being played, and more impressions! Don't drink wine and write papers, and be careful on the highway.

This week’s music in order of appearance:

Elton John - Still Standing

J.G. Thirwell - Venture Theme

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_21.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 11:10pm EST

This week Joe and Dan cover the typical news and new releases, along with why they don't care about sweating on a controller to make music louder, Nintendo, old games, and blenders. The next generation of gaming is so close, leaving a lot of unanswered questions for us to talk about. Enjoy!

This week's music in order of appearance:

Andrew W.K. - I Love NYC

Blink-182 - The Party Song

Direct download: The_Game_Fart_Episode_15.mp3
Category:Video Games -- posted at: 12:01am EST

This week we take it back to basics and we get rid of our friends! Joe and Dan talk about California, comic books, skateboards, and of course video games. We cover the latest news and releases in video games for the week and give our predictions for 2013. Enjoy!

This week's music in order of appearance:

Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice?

Prince - I Would Die 4 U

Hall & Oates - Maneater

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