The Free Cheese
This week on The Free Cheese, oooooooo.

They really don't make them like they used to back in the PS2 era. We save the world with our dog and our friends using the power of music. We then build the sequel to Gitaroo Man that never happened and discuss games that change key right before the ending.

Episode Timestamps

7:07 - Gitaroo Man

28:11 - A Proper Sequel

36:40 - Shopping for Somebody Else

01:02:40 - Roundtable Question

01:11:35 - Trivia Dungeon

01:31:52 - The Ranking

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This week on The Free Cheese, a revolution.

Our game this week launched the Nintendo Wii and truly became a household name. We talk about Wii Sports and its legacy, our own memories of the game, and how it holds up today. Additionally, on the tenth anniversary of the PlayStation Vita, we look back at our highlights with the game, discuss its entrance into the marketplace, and where it stands against the 3DS.

Episode Timestamps

4:44 - Wii Sports

29:38 - PSN Recommendations

48:48 - Many Years Ago Today

01:11:20 - This or That?

01:19:32 - A Game By Its Trophy

01:38:13 - The Ranking

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This week on The Free Cheese, Blinx, go deep!

How well do you know your arcade hardware by name? What were the launch prices of consoles entering the market? If you know these, you might survive this week's Trivia Dungeon. We also build a football team from Nintendo and Sega characters and review ESPN NFL Football from Sega.

Episode Timestamps

03:36 - ESPN NFL Football

27:06 - Who Would Win in a Fight? Super Bowl EditionĀ®

50:38 - Trivia Dungeon

01:05:32 - Demo Disc

01:17:14 - Lightning Round

01:31:21 - The Ranking

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This week on The Free Cheese, building the Twisted Metal soundtrack.

Extreme sports used to be the center of everyone's attention and it seemed like there was no shortage of video games to coincide with every major sport. With those days sadly long gone, we revisit SSX Tricky and see how it holds up twenty years later. We also figure out which video games need new mascots and help them to find the face of the franchise.

Episode Timestamps

05:02 - SSX Tricky

24:16 - Patched

33:38 - Many Years Ago Today

48:07 - Snowboard Trick or Hot Sauce?

59:40 - Who's that Pikachu?

01:16:49 - The Ranking

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