The Free Cheese
This week on The Free Cheese, water bed body.

The journey through the Trivia Dungeon reveals more mysteries and asks more questions of our adventurers. We create new Demo Discs to give away with qualifying purchases. Finally, we discuss Valve's 2011 Portal 2 and find out where it ranks among the rest of the games from this season.

Episode Timestamps

05:12 - Portal 2

26:43 - A Proper Sequel

39:14 - Demo Disc

55:17 - Trivia Dungeon

01:11:19 - What video game needs a Mother 3 Handbook?

01:21:55 - The Ranking

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This week on The Free Cheese, final boss only on Genesis!

Season 10 continues with a journey into the world of demonic pinball. We play Compile's classic virtual pinball title, Devil's Crush, read through some headlines from ten years ago to see how they hold up today, and build the ultimate crossover game. More inside!

Episode Timestamps

06:09 - Devil's Crush

26:47 - Many Years Ago Today

51:14 - What three companies would you combine for the next Project X Zone?

01:05:00 - Shopping for Somebody Else

01:24:05 - A Game By Its Trophy

01:52:02 - The Ranking

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This week on The Free Cheese, good morning!

We begin Season 10 with a discussion and ranking of one of the first major exclusive titles from SEGA on the Nintendo GameCube. We also discuss what a perfect sequel would be, take a stroll through the Trivia Dungeon, and cast our dream actors to bring this game to the silver screen.

06:28 - Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

30:17 - Trivia Dungeon

47:42 - A Proper Sequel

01:05:34 - Fantasy Cast

01:12:51 - If Nintendo contracted remakes of NES Black Box games, who would make them and what would they be?

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This week on The Free Cheese, what’s the Game of the Year?

We have decided to change up our regular end of the year show to fit our style a bit better. The three of us have never been able to play the same games each year. We miss out on a lot of releases in a single year because we play games from so many different platforms and eras. With this in mind, we opted to look back through 2021 and talk about some of the games we played that made an impact on us. In some cases, these games introduced us to new genres or took us back to something that we had long forgotten.

To follow along with our list or read write-ups about some of the games, check out the 2021 - Year in Review post.

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This week on The Free Cheese, future's bright man.

Let's commence 2022 with a recap of last year's predictions and a look ahead to the next twelve months. We also share stories of trivial aspects of video games that turned us off. Finally, we each share our personal idea of what 2022 will mean for our gaming habits.

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