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The fourth day of Game of the Year 2019 has arrived and with it another round of awards. Listen in to hear us deliberate and select our winners as we reminisce on the moments throughout the year in gaming. Read on below for the list of winners.

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Most Surprising

This game came out of nowhere. Sometimes this is actually true in the event of a surprise announcement and others the game was just not on our radar and suddenly became something to fall in love with.

Tetris 99

Runners Up: Ring Fit Adventure, Kind Words

Favorite Free Cheese Moment

We create a lot of content over the course of a year between podcasts and videos. Of all of the little moments where we crack each other up, there’s always one that gets us the most even months later.

Ben predicts Shenmue 3 delay immediately after getting a point for a Shenmue 3 delay the previous year.

The Free Cheese 2019 Predictions

Runners Up: #WhereBritFaceGo, Whenever there is a new belt introduced in FCW

Best Score/Soundtrack

Can you imagine your favorite game without its soundtrack? Video game music is just as important to the game as what you’re looking at or playing or how you share it with your friends. This award celebrates the best compositions of the year.

Devil May Cry V

Runners Up: Death Stranding, Super Mario Maker 2

Most Anticipated

More than most years this category felt weighted. A lot of games we expected in 2019 slipped into 2020 and moreover we know that new consoles are on the way. With so much coming in the next calendar year, it was hard to narrow down our anticipation to just a few but this award goes to the game we just can’t wait for.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Runners Up: Cyberpunk 2077, Sequel to Breath of the Wild

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