The Free Cheese
This week on The Free Cheese, here's how you eat wasabi. We learn what it's like to become the one at the party with your Switch and how to properly sail the seas. Matt plays a lot of Into the Breach at a wedding. Marc saves the president's daughter in Resident Evil 4. Joe takes you inside of a real McDonald's. We talk at length about our recent experiences with both Sea of Thieves and Marvel's Spider-Man. First, we share what went right this time as we took to the open air and fought giant sharks and looked for treasure. Then, we highlight what makes Marvel's Spider-Man just so amazing and how it improves on an already beloved formula. Finally, we look at how Zen Pinball might revive some of our favorites and track the timeline of THQ again. The Free Cheese Opening Theme is "The Origin" by Legna Zeg.
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