The Free Cheese
This week on The Free Cheese, it's okay to wear t-shirts. Ben goes back to school in Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning. Marc has no time to wait for Garage to load and instead solves puzzles in Zero Time Dilemma. Matt bought a PC and amidst running everything on the highest settings, he finds a yellow rat to solve mysteries with. Joe tried the other Halo again but finds that Destiny 2 still isn't totally engrossing—instead he hacks into everything to save the world of Watch_Dogs 2. We talk about Nintendo's details for its Nintendo Switch Online service, the announcement of two new games from Inti Creates, how to play Steam games on your phone, and the potential of another kool Mortal Kombat game. The Free Cheese Opening Theme is "The Origin" by Legna Zeg.
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