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This week on The Free Cheese, we find the weirdest mascot. Joe has been playing more Let It Die for the first time in a while, finding excitement on the twenty-third floor and hunting through the depths of SR-388 in Metroid: Samus Returns. Marc goes full Marc as he discovers his Game of the Year, Fight'N Rage, and he finally starts 999. Matt catches up with NieR: Automata's robot party and then tries out a new position in NHL. We talk about the actual, real way that PlayStation and Xbox players can actually play together -- and how Microsoft boss says that it's cool. We throw back a little to the Mario 128 demo that debuted with the GameCube. Then, we close it up with a look at Rare and its fifteen years under Microsoft's arm.
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This week on The Free Cheese, Marc's got some 'splainin to do. We're throwing it back to the days long ago with a long podcast and a lot of voices. First, we hear about the addiction of Destiny 2 from Marc and our guest Joe. Matt talks all about the end to Danganronpa without spoilers and really likes how Uncharted Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is. Ben thought he was done with Fallout: New Vegas DLC until he wasn't. We also hear about Marc and Matt's first tastes of NieR: Automata and a bit of thought on Mario + Rabbids from two different Joes. Then, it's a lot of Metroid: Samus Returns as we celebrate the return to one of our favorite franchises. Naughty Dog loses a longtime employee, Nintendo doesn't want you to buy from scalpers, and a whole lot of games are on the way to 3DS and Switch. Get ready. Metallica. High five.
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This week on The Free Cheese, we go all over the place. Marc breaks the blood oath he didn't know existed when he buys Destiny 2 and becomes a sweat goblin. Matt goes back to high school to murder his classmates and get away with it in Danganronpa. Joe revives the Vita and explores the weirdness of Touch My Katamari - accidentally triggering Ben's deep hatred. Ben smelled the chicken but got shot in the neck before tasting it, and then he explores a weird TV channel in Fallout: New Vegas. We hear about keyboard and mouse support maybe coming to Xbox One, L.A. Noire's debut on Switch, the potential of Shenmue HD, and how Sonic Mania came to life.
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This week on The Free Cheese, we discuss summer. Matt returns from Boston with hot new footage of the terrific motel from last week's episode. Marc is ready for the scary season but starts listening to actual scary stories. Joe cooked a lot of bad meat but lives to tell the story. We hear about Sara is Missing and Darkwood from Marc, and how both vary on the ends of the spooky spectrum. Matt plays a lot of golf on the plane but ultimately he and Joe fall in love with Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and all of its weird charm and challenge. Finally, we go deep on Suda51 and some of the Nindies Showcase, as well as uncover an interview with the mind behind Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. In the end, we say goodbye to Miiverse as we count down to its final days.
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