The Free Cheese

This week on The Free Cheese: we want more free stuff.

We share everything we know about the latest update in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and how we feel about the changes added to the game after three years.

Marc forgets who he is and becomes a clerk as he falls (literally) into the world of Job Simulator. He takes the simulation thing to the next level and plays some puzzles to date girls in Huniepop, and then murders things in the bloody beat-em-up Mother Russia Bleeds.

Matt plays a little bit of NHL 17 but mostly runs on the walls in Titanfall 2 and has way too much fun grappling and gunning and laughing his way through the multiplayer modes.

Joe struggles to play three JRPGs at once so instead sees what happens when you scan amiibo figures into Animal Crossing: New Leaf. 

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