The Free Cheese

This week on The Free Cheese, we just want to be heard!

Joe, Marc, and Dashe gather in a conversation about the classic days of Castlevania and Final Fantasy. We learn about Dashe's gaming history and the first game that he ever beat. We talk about the two very different camps of Final Fantasy fans and how Marc walks the line in between them.

We go a little further into some of the Nintendo Direct announcements, if only to create new conspiracy theories to flood the internet with. What have we already seen from Nintendo that points toward NX? Why are there mobile homes in Animal Crossing and why don't we know anything about the mobile game yet?

Dashe brings some strong insight into No Man's Sky, as someone who entered it without giving into the negativity surrounding it. We try to figure out how a developer can release a huge title and then go completely dark. We then remember why we hate MMORPGs.

Marc wants pants and Marc wants shoes. He wants them separate from one another but he can't get that in Rock Band 4. After finding a face that sort of works, he tries to fight everything in Mystical Ninja, what the big deal is with Paragon, and figures out how to quickly spend too much real money on pretend badges.

Joe uses his New Nintendo 3DS to continue revisiting his 3DS library in a new way, specifically Mario Kart 7, where 3D finally makes a difference. The heart machine continues in Hyper Light Drifter as we make a weird comparison that kind of works.

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