The Free Cheese

This week on The Free Cheese, we talk directly to you about Nintendo.

Kyle and Joe close out our month of Metroid coverage with a conversation about Metroid: Zero Mission. We talk about our experience with the game, why every Metroid game should be like this one, and why it's okay that Nintendo is a little strict with the use of its IP.

After a week, Kyle has explored and understands a bit more of No Man's Sky, yet he still is not convinced the game is anything more than he originally thought it to be. Without knowing how much longer he'll stay with it, Kyle still found himself terrified when he landed on a planet that was filled with water and gave him flashbacks to the N64...

Joe bought his New Nintendo 3DS and used it to revisit some old classics and see how they fare. Impressed with how quickly Super Smash Bros. booted up, he put emulation to the test by returning to EarthBound on the small screen. As naturally as it was to return to it, he is just as eager to race around in Mario Kart 7 again.

We highlight a story about a lawyer who left his practice to make an RPG where everyone dies. We throw out some questions for another edition of lightning round. 

Finally, we recap everything from today's Nintendo Direct presentation and share the parts we are most excited about (or not so excited about).

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