The Free Cheese

This week on The Free Cheese, we talk a lot about homeless Mario. 

To start our month of Metroid coverage for the series' 30th anniversary, we briefly discuss our own personal histories with the franchise. We talk about the horror/not horror elements of the games and what makes a great Metroid.

Kyle finds himself riding a bike in circles to hatch more eggs, while Joe plays pretend soccer in Metroid Prime: Blast Ball, and Marc is too young to die so he grabbed himself a copy of Doom to murder monsters.

During Show and Tell, Marc tells us about Prey for the Gods, Kyle hates the Alola region, and Joe tries to describe the NX.

We let a CPU match decide on this month's pick for Game Club and we initiate another thrilling installment of Lightning Round.

Finally, we discuss why 2017 is potentially the year of platformers, looking at the likes of Sonic Mania, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Yooka-Laylee, and Mario NX

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