The Free Cheese

This week on The Free Cheese Podcast:

We find out that no one has played Uncharted and why Star Fox Zero was really delayed.

Kyle tells the journey of his first time with Bloodborne and why he's excited about Until Dawn. On her first appearance, Haylie celebrates her new PS4 with a marathon of Destiny and we give her a list of games to play once the king has been taken. Joe turned on his Vita for the first time in five months but largely spends most of the last week finding out what midnight looks like. 

Finally, we discuss why watching games is okay and why Halo 5 should star Gordon Ramsay. 

Don't forget to check out AmiiboHunt on the App Store if you're stuck driving from store to store in hopes of finding that rare amiibo. Our good friend developed this app so that we don't have to waste time anymore and we can see what is in stock before starting the car.

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