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This week on The Free Cheese Podcast:

We discuss the state of amiibo and Nintendo's terrible choices for customer purchasing. Joe shares his adventures while trying to procure a Ness amiibo and the camaraderie felt among fellow amiibo hunters. 

We talk about our favorite video game franchise and where it currently stands. Pokémon is weird, free-to-play experiments, Zelda is remade and delayed, and Castlevania is six feet under Dracula's tomb.

Joe played a lot of Axiom Verge and finds it to be so much more than just another Metroid game. He's also fallen back in love with the Sega Genesis after reading through more of Blake Harris' Console Wars. Kyle beat Shadow of Mordor and is slowly getting excited for Batman: Arkham Knight- trying to figure out just who is under the mask. Marc contemplates restarting Animal Crossing: New Leaf while testing out the new Pokémon Rumble World and finds himself wanting something a little better.

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