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FourPlay Episode 41: Collector's Edition

Sometimes we say that "This is our best episode ever," but I think that seriously, this might be our best episode ever. Ever.

We begin the show by detailing what we've been playing and a lot of it is Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. We share some impressions on the game including our favorite characters and we ask why Kyle hasn't bought it yet. We learn a bit about Kyle's experiences with starting a town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf from scratch and what it's like to revisit the Game Boy Advance so long after its initial release. Joe returns to Earthbound after a little break and realizes how beautiful the game is within its smallest details.

The bulk of this week's show revolves around the question of the week, where we each take a turn sharing our most wanted "Collector's Edition" that would include the history of a game franchise compiled into one compilation. We go through painstaking detail to include what physical items would come with the set, how the games should be formatted, and just what we would spend on each one.

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