The Free Cheese

This week on The Free Cheese, the fine makers of jelly bring you "horseradish." In between his adventures on the road, Marc grows his ever-expansive family of characters in Diablo III. Despite being the victim of what many would argue is unwarranted taunting, Ben still loves SoulCalibur VI. Joe sinks deeper into the comfort of vacation and loses a day to everything Destiny 2 can throw at him.

We also talk at length about the magic that is Tetris, and how its newest iteration takes the series somewhere incredibly personal and transforms what we understand of the classic game.

Finally, we hear about the future of Final Fantasy and which series Activision blames for its shortcomings. We recap the X018 event from Microsoft and speculate on what's next for Xbox. Then, we outline Geoff Keighly's Game Awards for you.

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