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This week on The Free Cheese, it ain’t no soup. We celebrate the fifth anniversary of the website with stories and anecdotes from our adventures over half a decade together. We talk about some of the stuff you might remember, and moments that happened behind the scenes.

We’ve all got Red Dead fever and share our thoughts surrounding the opening to Rockstar’s latest release. Marc wraps up Lara Croft GO while Matt starts Metro 2033 and Ben doesn’t create characters in Soul Calibur VI. We also hear about Hello Neighbor, DayZ, and more Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII. Then, Joe tells us about his return to Destiny 2, at long last.

We continue to conversation around crunch in video game development and lament the existence of leaks. Then we share news about a few unfortunate delays and reveal the addition of a fan-favorite character to our new favorite fighting game. 

Thank you all for hanging out with us, whether you’ve followed us from the start or you’re just joining us today.

The Free Cheese Opening Theme is "The Origin" by Legna Zeg.

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