The Free Cheese

This week on The Free Cheese, now available with Spooky Vision. We're fresh into what the world would definitively state is the best month of the year and with it we've brought the fright into the night. Or, we talk about stupid energy drinks and koffee for a while and also some video games.

Ben explores the great outdoors and the terrors that await below in the full release of The Forest. Matt climbs behind the wheel of the car again to see where he stacks in ranked mode of Rocket League. Joe samples a few games for a little while and remembers what's great about Let It Die now that it's on PC.

We also talk about Ring of Elysium and how it stands out in a sea of battle royale games. We find out if Sony is truly ready to play ball with the competition. Then, we speculate what might get announced at X018 and give you the inside scoop behind the absence of PSX this year.

The Free Cheese Opening Theme is “The Origin” by Legna Zeg.

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