The Free Cheese
This week on The Free Cheese, it's the return of the mullet. Ben is back to tell us the ending to Fallout: New Vegas and why tank controls are superior in the Resident Evil remake. Also, he's immediately fallen in love with PUBG's latest event mode and taken a step into another entry into the 100-person battle with Radical Heights. Marc takes some time this week to play Minit and then explores what Armor Games has to offer with The Adventure Pals. Matt keeps the season going strong in MLB The Show 18 and finds out what Quantic Dream had to do with Prey when he watches the credits roll by. Joe cuts up a Game Boy Advance and uses the new backlit display to play Metroid: Zero Mission again, and then finds out if Spider-Man is going to be any good by playing some of Sunset Overdrive. Ultimately, it all ends with Bloodborne. We talk about the big announcements out of Sega's event over the weekend, Billy Mitchell's removal from the records, and how Xbox continues to embarrass the competition when it comes to backwards compatibility and maintaining a legacy. The Free Cheese Opening Theme is "The Origin" by Legna Zeg.
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