The Free Cheese
This week on The Free Cheese, he has a what? Ben has a surprise for us all, Joe brought nothing back from New York, Matt is looking at Nashville, and Marc can't save us from this nightmare. We played more Super Mario Odyssey and we can't stop finding moons and going back to discover what we missed. We check in with Shadow of War and learn that despite the grind, Matt is still in love with it. Ben gets really into Stories Untold: Episode 2 and wants more of it. Marc plays a bit of Flinthook and gets to digging in Blaster Master Zero as Shovel Knight. Joe plays Everything and begins to learn the secrets of the universe. We talk briefly about Nintendo's financial briefing and the future of Switch. Then, we recap what we learned from PlayStation's Paris Games Week showcase and why sometimes even a little bit is too much. Finally, we speculate on what is likely already old news and hope for our dreams to come true by WB Montreal and Rocksteady.
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