The Free Cheese
This week on The Free Cheese, can we go out and kill tonight? It's October and everything is perfect. In a weird turn of events, we talk about Destiny 2 - a lot of Destiny 2 - as Joe and Matt begin their journey. Matt plays a bit of Golf Story and finds it more charming than expected. He's also seen Ending A of NieR: Automata and lived to tell about it. Marc goes in deep with the Nonary games, finding every possible ending and still looking for secrets within. Ben gets stuck in Metroid and we try to help him out, but really he's just loving Fallout: New Vegas. We talk a little bit about the SNES Classic and some developer interviews that coincided with its release. Then, we dive into the future of the internet and what the years ahead have in store for more than just how we play video games.
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