The Free Cheese

This week on The Free Cheese: Who would want to play that? As we begin the countdown to E3 2018, we're happy to have recovered from the E3 flu of 2017. Joe and Matt are joined by Sandeep to talk about the best and worst parts of E3 and discuss the stories being crafted by each console manufacturer. We catch up on what we've been playing recently, and we're all over the place. Sandeep has fallen back in love with pre-rendered backgrounds and polygonal sprites while traversing through Zenogears. Joe found a new type of rivalry that led to his purchase of Arms. Matt thought it was almost over but Mass Effect: Andromeda just won't quit. Finally, we talk about the impact of some of the strange things being spouted by one of PlayStation's bosses and how it seems that PlayStation is sounding too much like it did in 2005. We don't want second jobs... Save this episode

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