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FourPlay Episode 36: Miyamoto Says

This week on the show, Joe and Marc reconvene to discuss the difference between childhood and adulthood gaming, taking into consideration the advent of the internet to spoil everything before its release, as well as the availability of information and of games. 

Marc shares his experience with a game called Contagion, the successor to Zombie Panic Source. He also reminds Joe that Halloween in Animal Crossing is on its way, but not before sharing his experience with P.T.

Joe immediately fell back into Mario Kart 8 after the new DLC announcements, and holding the Wii U GamePad led him to explore the challenge modes in Pikmin 3. 

Both Marc and Joe close the book on what was Metroid II: Return of Samus, and they share their thoughts on the future of Nintendo and the new 3DS.

We also ask the question of the week: What would you name the next Nintendo home console?

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