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FourPlay Episode 20: The PS4 Has So Many Games

After skipping a week, Joe, Dave, and Chris have way too much to talk about. We cover everything about Mario Kart 8, Nintendo's E3 plans, Alien: Isolation, PS4 Firmware 1.70, #DRIVECLUB, and Injustice 2 rumors. Then we go over what you should buy on the Golden Week Sale, and rave about all of the new games that are coming to PS4 within the next year. We discuss what we've been playing: Chris' Bizarre Adventures in Conception II, Dave's co-op Towerfall nightmares combined with Skyrim, and Joe falls back in love with his Vita just in time for the month of Vita. We close out the show with our answers to the Question of the Week: "Should Nintendo Buy Megaman?" and we ask you a new question for next week.

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